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6-7 ft. trees
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Nectarine Trees


Red Gold Nectarine

Growing Zones: 5-9

  • Sweet and tangy nectarines
  • Beautiful soft pink blooms in spring
  • Golden yellow fall foliage

The nectarine tree is the same as an apricot, plum, or almond tree and even the lovely rose! It is a decorative tree that blooms with light, medium, or dark pink flowers in the springtime. Fruits are decorative, delicious, and healthy to eat. The nectarine tree is also easy to grow!


A fast-growing ornamental beauty, the nectarine attracts hummingbirds in the spring with its pink flowers.

Originally from Asia, you may have seen them grown in English gardens, where it is popular pruned as a gorgeous fan or a blooming ladder against a south-facing wall.

Great for a small space, a showy hedge, or as an accent, the nectarine reaches 12-15 feet in mature height with an equal or greater spread. Even without pruning, the nectarine tree will assume a tidy, mounded shape. Prunus Persica

This tree loves a well-drained soil and full sun. In the warmer parts of zones 5-9, our nectarine trees will produce fruit within one year!

If you haven’t eaten a home-grown nectarine freshly picked from a Flavortop tree in your own garden, then you might as well have never eaten a nectarine.

Commercially grown nectarines are typically harvested too early in an effort to prevent bruising during shipping to your local grocer. Nectarines should always be tree-ripened and picked while still firm, but fiery red and aromatic.


Springtime has this nectarine tree flaunting blossoms the color of pink cotton candy. These lovely flowers are large and fragrant, leaving your garden area lightly perfumed with the fresh scent of the season.

Flavortop will begin to provide you with your first nectarines to harvest around mid-summer. These nectarines are large and juicy, with flesh that is yellow, sweet, and divinely delicious.

Experts consider Flavortop to have the most highly rated nectarine for flavor available. This dessert quality fruit is great for tasty pies and cobblers. Try one in your juicer.

The Flavortop Nectarine tree has a large growing zone, and is hardy and vigorous. As with most nectarine trees, the Flavortop tree needs full sun to produce the best quality fruit. It adapts easily to basic, well-drained soil and regular fertilization.

This tree is self-fertile, so you only need one to tree to produce fruit. They are very pretty as well. Two flanking a garden entrance would be spectacular!

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love Flavortop for its ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

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Flavortop Nectarine

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