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6-7 ft. trees
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Holly Trees


Nellie Stevens Holly

Growing Zones: 6-9

  • Year Round Privacy
  • Fast Growing Holly
  • Grows almost anywhere


American Holly

Growing Zones: 6-9

  • Fast Growing Holly
  • Grows almost anywhere
  • Dense evergreen privacy


Soft Touch Holly

Growing Zones: 5-9

  • No Prickly Leaves!
  • Evergreen foliage
  • Never Needs Pruning


Oak Leaf Holly

Growing Zones: 6-9

  • Vibrant red berries
  • Thick, dense foliage
  • Drought tolerant


Robin™ Red Holly

Growing Zones: 6-9

  • Evergreen shrub
  • Very easy to care for
  • Perfect for bird gardens

Read Why Our Customers Bought...

The Holly shrub, botanically known as Ilex, has a long connection with Christmas. Some of the first Christians decorated their homes with ‘Boughs of Holly’.

Today, hollies are widely used as ornamental plants and have been developed for gardens. Hollies range in size from less than 1 foot, to plants over 70 feet tall.

They are popular because of their dark, evergreen leaves and their production of berries which are usually red.

Our nursery offers three varieties:

Popular, versatile Sky Pencil Holly

This kind of Holly can be planted to accent your home, either in rows for a narrow hedge, or alone as an ornamental. However, you use it, expect little maintenance.
You’ll be fascinated by the Sky Pencil’s shape, growing skyward naturally without the need for trimming (unless you want to keep them at a desired height).

If you are looking for a sleek, updated, stylish look, use these Japanese Hollies with their tall, narrow, columnar shape.

Very few shrubs can give you this kind of height without encroaching on nearby plants. Perfect for when you want to add height or a focal point to flower beds, groundcovers, or entryways.

Because of this unique shape, its possibilities are endless. No matter where you plant your Sky Pencils, their spectacular form will attract attention! It's one of the few plants whose branches grow upward, which is why it got the name, Sky Pencil.

Famously spiky leaves! American Holly

In winter, thrushes such as Blackbirds, Redwing, and Fieldfare gorge themselves on holly berries and spread the seed.

Holly trees are pollinated by insects. Their seeds are spread by birds, as they must pass their gut before germination. This is why little hollies mysteriously appear in gardens when there is no tree near!

Often, the lower leaves are very spiny, while the upper leaves are more egg-shaped and have fewer spikes. This characteristic is related to protecting leaves within reach of browsing animals.

Glossy dark green above, matt light green below, and waxy to touch, Hollies are similar to other evergreen trees. Their trunks are grey and smooth while they are young, but become wrinkled and gnarled with age.

The original yule log burnt at Christmas was what we now call, American Holly. As Holly was full in leaf and bright with berries at a time when all other trees were dead, it was seen as a representation of life in midwinter.

Our Last, but Best Variety- The Soft Touch Holly

The Soft Touch Holly is quickly becoming a popular shrub choice due to its small size and soft, flexible foliage.

There is no need to worry about being pricked by holly leaves with this one! Small, glossy leaves are accented by tiny flowers in the spring, and black colored berries in the fall and winter, attracting all kinds of birds to your landscape.

Its mature height of 2-3 feet makes this shrub an ideal selection for gardeners with limited space. It works well as a border or foundation plant.

It's uniform, rounded shape also makes this a low maintenance choice for those who want a polished landscape without all the work.

Prefers partial to full sun. Tolerant of various types of soil, as well as drought. A good shrub selection for zones 5-9.