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Four Seasons Gardenia

Four Seasons Gardenia
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 7-9 outdoors

(hardy down to 10℉) 
      7-9 outdoors
   Map 7-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
2-3 ft.
Mature Width:
1-3 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Gardenia Jasminoides, Kimura Shikazaki
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

Four Seasons Gardenia – An Ever-blooming Plant

This beloved charmer of southern gardens doesn’t just come alive in the spring.  It has big beautiful flowers that bloom almost all year long!  The Four Seasons Gardenia has an extremely long bloom seasons and proves tougher than other gardenias when temperatures drop.

Exceptionally Big, Beautiful Blossoms 
This variety has fully double, ivory white flowers that stay strong in regions with mild winters. Look forward to a steady show of flowers spring through fall!

Multipurpose Evergreen 
There are several ways to enjoy the versatile Four Seasons Gardenia plants.  They can be embedded in your garden; planted as an ornamental, or placed in rows to create a year-round border. The blooms make this bush superior to your usual green hedge or privacy fence.   

You can put them in a container and transport them inside when the temperatures drop.  Simply place near the indirect light of a window, and let the delicate fragrance fill your home.  Of course, you can always cut the beautiful flowers to enjoy in a vase or arrangement.  They’ll add an elegant touch to your furnishings, making them a favorite amongst interior designers.

Sought-After Fragrance Unmatched by Any Other Gardenia
Gardenia’s flowers are world- famous for their exquisite scent.  Attempts to capture the intoxicating fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics, and essential oils have carried on for centuries. The Four Seasons Gardenia exudes a much lighter scent than other gardenia varieties; described as pleasant but never over-bearing.

Make Memories for Your Family
When planted as a showpiece beside your porch, deck, or pool, you’ll enjoy the amazing aroma of which memories are made.  The nostalgia these plants create often bring back memories of warm spring nights and hot summer days of youth. The intoxicating aroma lingers into fall when most trees enter their dormancy stage.

Don’t let another season go by without the pleasure of experiencing this lovely plant.  Place your order now for the Four Seasons Gardenia.  This is a top seller, so don’t wait. We will sell out quickly.   

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Teresa H.

stunted growth & poor packaging

After each shipment arrived of our MANY orders I kept getting told well just tell us if it dies we'll replace it. In the meantime I have a horrible beaten up tree or plant because of their packaging. Most of the dirt spilled out of the bags the soil treatment and startup placed losely in the boxes just bounced around during shipment and damaged what was probably decent looking plants. Because of the damage and shock all the plants and trees we received (over $1 000 purchased) most are very slow in growing and don't look much bigger than the day we planted them in the Spring (it is not mid-October). I will never buy from this company again. I have since purchased from 2 fantastic other companies online who know better than to put heavy bags of soil condition in with their boxed plants and trees.. they ship those separately. Their packaging and products were so far above Fast-Growing Trees in quality timely shipments and growth !...


best gardenia ever

very very nice plant

cynthia t.

Great Shape

My Four Seasons Gerdenia arrived in great shape one or two broken stems. I almost Immediately transferred it into a larger pot. That pot is now sitting in this much larger pot which eventually it will reside. It arrived with buds on it these did not bloom very well but it already has fresh new buds and lots of new leaves after a very short time. A little pricey but well worth it!

cynthia teague verified customer review of 16401

Planting & Care

Seasonal Information

Planting in the garden should be limited to zones 7-9 unless special provisions exist for winter protection. Its compact structure lends itself well to potted culture.  When grown as a potted plant, maintain temperatures above 60oF, preferably 65oF.  Tolerant to short exposure to sub freezing outdoor temps but only if in Zone 8 and above.


Provide full to partial sun and southern, eastern, or western exposures are recommended.  Humidity above 50% is preferred, but short periods of drier conditions won’t harm it.

Soil Preferences

Gardenia requires a slightly acidic, well drained, ‘clean’ soil, with moderate water holding capacity.  Whether planting indoors or out, a suggested planting mix would be comprised of about 1/3 coarse sand (clean and coarse..builder’s sand is a good choice); 1/3 sphagnum peat (fibrous and weed free peat source is fine); and 1/3 dehydrated cow manure – usually estimated at 2-1-2 ratio (only use in garden plantings, never use manure in pots).  Compost is not recommended.

Planting – Pots/Containers

Using clay pots or containers will aid in developing a healthy root system.  Do not over pot.  Gardenias do very well in containers.  They can be allowed to become moderately rootbound before repotting, but stepping up to larger pots can be expected every few years.  Use a soil mix as noted above.   Choose a container only 1-2 times larger than the one you’re taking it from, and make sure there are adequate drain holes in the bottom.  Add enough soil so the plant will be at the correct level when it is placed.  Be gentle with the roots when potting, fill in the sides as you go, gently firming along the way to remove pockets of air without harming the roots.  Thoroughly water, allow the soil to settle, then rewater.

Planting -- Garden

Dig your hole to be twice the diameter of the container the plant came in, and at the same depth as the container.  Remove the plant from the container and do not disturb the roots, even if they are rootbound.  Make sure when you place the plant in the hole, it is at the same level or slightly above ground level.  Adjust the straightness and facial orientation; then backfill until the hole is about half full of soil.  Water and let the soil settle into the hole and around the plant, then finish filling with your mix, gently firming.  The surplus soil you removed could be used to build a small ‘dam’ around the perimeter of your hole, about 2-3” high which will form an earthen ‘saucer’ which you should fill with water.  Water twice a week for the first 6 weeks by filling your earthen saucer; after which the excess soil can be removed and you can mulch the plant.


Allow soil to reach a state of dryness visually between waterings.  Thoroughly saturate the soil when watering.  In containers, water to a point where a little water trickles out of the drain holes in the pot.

After planting in ground plantings, and once established, they should be watered once a week if natural rainfall is sparse; but follow the general guidelines above.

Container Gardenias will vary based on the size of the pot, soil, environment, etc. and will vary from twice per week to once every other week.

They require more water when actively growing in the winter.  In containers, do not allow the pot to become ‘droughty’, but always keep in mind they will be killed more often by over watering than from under watering.


Gardenias are moderate feeders, but avoid highly concentrated fertilizers as they will promote root diseases.  Steady feeding of a low concentration under warm temperatures and high light is preferred.  ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water using a balanced fertilizer having a ratio of 15-15-15 or a blooming fertilizer like 7-9-5 is a good choice, or follow label for gardenias.  Reduce feeding during the winter.

Weed Control

In the garden, mulch and hand weed for best results.

Pests and Diseases

Susceptible to spider mite, mealybugs, scale, and occasionally whitefly.  Cool, damp conditions in the promote root diseases, which are the biggest challenge to growing Gardenias.  Excessive fertilizer, low light conditions, long periods of wet soil accompanied by cool temperatures, all contribute to root diseases.

Pruning, Propagation, and other recs

Gardenias can tolerate hard pruning, but wait until after flowering.  Pruning in late summer or fall can reduce spring flowering.

“Bud blast” (flower buds drop before they open) can occur from a lack of temperature differential between day and night, common with indoor plantings.  Aim for 10-15oF degree difference between day and night.

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