Video: The Best Light for House Plants

Ryon — Jun 22

Most house plants are particular about how much sunlight they get. Too much (or too little) light is an easy to way to hurt a house plant - while the right amount will result in happy, healthy plants.

In this video, we cover:

  • How to identify different light conditions, including bright, indirect and low light
  • How to find the right light for your house plants
  • How to style your plants in the correct light
  • How to identify common problems caused by too much or too little sunlight, and more!

Ryon Hinson

Ryon is the Senior Creative Manager at He tries to show the unique elements of every tree and plant he captures, so viewers can confidently create a garden they love.

He’s constantly learning fun new plant facts, and can be found sharing new plant tips with his wife. His favorite tree is the Rising Sun Redbud for its spring blooms and uniquely-colored leaf pattern. He's often driving around looking for the most colorful and unique plants to film and share with the community.

Questions? Contact Ryon at

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