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Over 1.5 Million Happy Customers
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About FGTPro™ Services

FGT has shipped plants to more than 1 million homes in the past decade. We know what homeowners want and what landscapers need to win their trust...so we can help you win the job you want.

Here are the top five reasons small- and medium-sized landscapers love FGTPRO™:

#1 We Get It

You’re tired of quoting the same plant varieties as your competitors and getting beaten on pricing as a result. You can select from more than 800 plant varieties to differentiate you from the competition.

#2 Your Customers Deserve More

They want to know a plant will work in their yard but don’t want their landscaping to look like every other yard in the neighborhood. Our design experts can recommend the right plants for every region and job – from exotic bloomers to orchards and privacy screens, we’ve got it all.

#3 You Need On-Time Delivery

Stop paying your crews just to drive around town picking up plants – and avoid being held hostage by the delivery truck. Your plants will be delivered to the job site when you need them…in as little as two days! Pay your crew for installation work, and we’ll take care of the logistics.

#4 You Want Free Delivery

Check. Verified landscapers get free delivery on all orders: From one tree replacements on maintenance jobs to full landscape remodels. Our pro partners will always get free delivery.

#5 You Want Outstanding Service

Call 800-919-1434 for our dedicated FGTPro™Specialist – your questions will be answered by our friendly and knowledgeable staff from our headquarters in South Carolina. Our staff are elite solution providers with years of experience – they understand what you need and how to get it done. Fast. You shouldn’t have to call around town looking for the right products to win a job same day. Simply make one call and move on to your next job.

FGTPRO™ Product Categories

Whether you're searching for exotic flowers or a classic boxwood, we have what you need in your desired size, shape and color. We have more than 800 unique varieties of plants, trees and more, tailored to fit your needs. Get more unique products and an unbelievable selection with FGT!

Privacy Trees

Fast-growing privacy, from Thujas to Leylands and Hollies

Flowering Trees

Large blooms and richly-hued color

Shade Trees

Dense growth, autumnal tones and character

Fruit Trees & Bushes

Fruit-bearing plants that produce in any climate

Evergreen Trees

Liven up landscapes year-round

Shrubs & Hedges

Spruce up all spaces with clean, sleek shaping


Call our dedicated FGTPro™ Specialist to speak with one of our design professionals