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Fernleaf BambooBambusa multiplex ‘Fernleaf’

  • Fernleaf Bamboo

    Fernleaf Bamboo

  • Fernleaf Bamboo

    Fernleaf Bamboo

  • Fernleaf Bamboo

    Fernleaf Bamboo

  • Fernleaf Bamboo
  • Fernleaf Bamboo
  • Fernleaf Bamboo

* Images shown are of mature plants

Fernleaf BambooBambusa multiplex ‘Fernleaf’

Shrubs & Hedges

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Privacy, Shade and Tropical Vibes

Why Fernleaf Bamboo?

Fernleaf Bamboo, a variety of Multiplex Bamboo, is the perfect candidate for your front or side yard hedge, patio or even indoors.

Graceful, thin canes gather at the base of the plant, producing long, slender, fern-like foliage. The full branches form a voluminous canopy that can provide privacy, shade, and tropical vibes, wherever your Fernleaf Bamboo is planted.

This compact, clumping variety adds fast-growing color without the maintenance. Fernleaf Bamboo thrives in almost any conditions, including tough urban soil. Once established, Fernleaf Bamboos are hardy and drought-tolerant, and respond well to trimming.

Fully mature, this Fernleaf Bamboo grows just 6-10 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide, perfect for easy privacy for yards or patios, or even planted in containers indoors. And the best part? Since it's a clumping variety, it's less likely to spread where it's not wanted.

What’s not to love about this low-maintenance tropical hedge? Get your Fernleaf Bamboo today!

Planting & Care

Location: Even non-invasive Bamboo is a vigorous grower, so be sure to prune regularly to control its spread. You can also plant it in containers or using in-ground barriers. For container-grown Bamboo, make sure to have plenty of drainage holes. 

1. Planting: For best results, give your Bamboo a sunny spot that will provide some shade in the winter. Bamboo prefers loamy soil which contains a mixture of sand, silt, and clay and offers good drainage. However, the Bamboo adapts to moist soil types, provided there is good drainage. Also, since the Bamboo’s root system is shallow, provide protection from high winds.

Dig a hole with the same depth as the plant’s container and about twice its width. Carefully place the Bamboo plant in the hole. Backfill, remove any air pockets that may have formed while filling the hole and test the sturdiness of the plant once it's in the ground to make sure winds will not be able to topple it. Water generously and tamp down the surrounding soil.

2. Watering: The Multiplex needs plenty of moisture, especially when it’s young, so water every other day for the first month. After that, check the surrounding soil about 3 inches down and only water ifthis area is dry. For your container-planted Bamboo, water until you see it flow from the drainage holes.

3. Fertilizing: Once your Bamboo becomes established, you should implement a regular fertilizing schedule. High-nitrogen organic fertilizer is the best choice for Bamboo. Apply once in the summer and again in the fall.

4. Pruning: Occasionally remove dead shoots to thin the bamboo out and remove horizontal stems that are outside of the designated growing area with loppers.For hedgesan electric trimmer or hand shears do well on the Fernleaf Bamboo.

Cut at the height you wish, pruning just above the nearest node (the distinct line, often bulging a bit, that divides the sections of the bamboo stem). Otherwise, you will only need to prune new shoots annually and remove dead stems yearly.

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Product Details

Mature Height: 6-10 ft.
Mature Width: 4-6 ft.
Sunlight: Full-Partial
Growth Rate: Fast
Botanical Name: Bambusa multiplex ‘Fernleaf’
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: 7-10 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
7-10 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 7-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 10℉)

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