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Wide variety and easy, crisp growth.

Imagine the promise of home-grown, crisp and fresh fruit: With our Pear Trees, it's possible. And because we’ve carefully selected and maintained a diverse medley of Pear Trees that vary in size, flavor and growing season, we’re able to ship the right tree for your landscape directly to your door.

What Makes Our Pear Trees the Best?

  • With our trees, you can harvest Pears the first season – no need to wait 4 or 5 years!
  • Our large variety is grafted and grown from mature rootstock, so you’ll get bigger, better results.
  • Fast shipment means that Pear Trees of your own are just a click away.

How to Plant Pear Trees

  • When? Spring or fall is the best time to plant your Pear Tree.
  • Where? Choose a location with full sun and well-draining soil, in a hole large enough to accommodate the entire root ball (though specific instructions may vary).
  • How? Place your Pear in a hole big enough to accommodate the entire root system, pack tightly and water. It’s that simple.

How to Prune Pear Trees and More

Because we’ve grafted your tree or grown it for best results, you can expect consistency and ease for the life of the tree. Basically, it will produce the same delicious Pears, season after season.

It’s simple – we follow the four Ps: Planting, Pruning, Pollination, and Picking.

  • Planting: Choose a sunny area to plant, place your Pear in a hole big enough to accommodate its entire root system, pack the soil tightly and water.
  • Pruning: Prune your tree during winter, around the third year of its growth, by removing any suckers or sprouts from the rootstock and downward-growing or broken branches, as well as diseased and damaged areas.
  • Pollination: Many of our Pear Trees are self-fertile, but purchasing two or more can ensure a larger harvest, longer growing season and more variety.
  • Picking: Pull upwards on the fruit and give it a twist – it will come off your tree easily once it’s ready.