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6-7 ft. trees
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Strawberry Bushes



Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Growing Zones: 3-9

  • Harvest in the summer
  • Grows well in containers
  • Cold-hardy plant

Strawberry bushes that produce more than one harvest per season?

Yes, the new Everbearing variety produces two or three harvests of plump strawberries each year. Enjoy an abundance of sweet, juicy strawberries right from home!

Plant in groups for proper pollination and you'll have enough to share or freeze or store for later!

Expect one harvest of delicious strawberries in the late spring and then another in the fall! Sometimes you'll even get a third yield of berries.

These bushes will give you so many berries, you will have to throw a Harvesting Party! They're disease resistant and adaptable to various growing conditions.

Big and tasty strawberries are ideal for making preserves, pie filling, or eating fresh right from the garden.

Great for small gardens as well. The Everbearing Strawberries do not produce many runners, so you won't have strawberry bushes growing all over your yard. Plant in groups for a hassle free shrub!

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Everbearing Strawberry

Growing Zones: 4-9

  • Low maintenance
  • Tons of strawberries
  • Berries all year long


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Wonderful™ Pineberry

Growing Zones: 5-8

  • Tons of unique berries
  • Tropical pineapple flavor
  • Easy to grow