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Nov 11

Video: 4 Popular and Colorful Ornamental Grasses

Colorful, textured grasses make gorgeous additions to landscapes of all sizes and styles. Explore a few of our most popular Ornamental Grasses at our nursery with our Plant Expert, Meredith. These varieties achieve low-maintenance elegance and long-lasting appeal!

Grasses Featured:

    Watch the full video above, and scroll down for the full transcript!

    Ornamental Grasses 
    Plant Expert, Meredith, shows off a few of our popular Ornamental Grasses!

    Purple Fountain
    Purple Fountain Grass 

    Karl Foerster Grass
    Karl Foerster Grass

    Miscanthus Gracillimus (Maiden Grass)
    Miscanthus Gracillimus (Maiden Grass)

    Adagio Maiden Grass
    Adagio Maiden Grass

    Full Transcript: 4 Popular and Colorful Ornamental Grasses

    Hi, my name is Meredith and I have some of our ornamental grass options here.

    This one is such an eye-catching one. This is our Purple Fountain, and it has this lovely purple color that fades to a nice beige. Even the leaves are very purple, too.

    Over here is our Karl Foerster grass, another popular option. It has more of an upright growth and that just has a lovely green, and it will flow in the wind.

    And on this side of me are Maiden Grass options. We have several different ones available.

    This one's our Adagio. It has a nice pop of color in the fall, so kind of a hidden secret there just adds another layer to your garden especially when everything's dying off.

    And then this one has big beautiful plumes when it flowers. So all of these are fantastic options especially if you're worried about roots.

    They can be planted right next to your driveway or up against your home. Again, very low maintenance - adds a lot of texture and movement to your yard with minimal effort.

    You can find all of these grasses and more if you go to our website and you can also call in and talk to one of our plant experts who will be happy to help you. 

    Sarah Logie

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