lilac-2Early spring is an exciting time for all gardeners; bulbs are bursting forth and tree buds are unfurling. It is also a busy time for gardeners because there are several important chores that need to be done to prepare the garden for planting season. While you’re waiting for the risk of the last frost to pass, early March is the perfect time for tidying and prepping for the months ahead.

Trimming – Now is a good time to cut back ornamental grasses. Use your hand pruners to re-shape them ready for new growth and tie them if you need to. Don’t forget to add the trimmings to the compost pile. This is also a good time to take a look at rose bushes, fruit trees and shrubs to see if they need pruning.

Weeding – Get a head start on the spring rush by weeding your beds and borders. Pull out all those volunteer sprouts and consider adding mulch around your perennials to slow down further weed growth.

SpringWatering – As soon as you begin to see bursts of new leaves on the shrubs and plants you planted last fall, you can begin a steady watering if you are not having a regular rainfall.

Soil Testing – This is the perfect time for taking soil pH tests in the beds you are preparing for planting. This will give you plenty of time to amend the soil as needed by adding fertilizer or liquid nutrients.

Ponds and Pools – Now is the time to clear all those fallen leaves from your pond or pool. Add the scraps to your compost pile for use later in the season.

Lawn Care – Seed bare spots in the lawn once a week and water very lightly twice each day. Hold off fertilizing them until the end of March.

Tool Care – This is the perfect time to check your garden tool inventory and make sure they’re all in shape for the seasons ahead. Make sure blades are sharpened, rakes and spades have sturdy handles and are rust free, and check your garden hose for leaks. If your mower is three or more years old, it may be a good idea to take it in for a tune up.Flowers

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