Fast Growing Fruit Trees and Shade Trees can Help Provide Sustainable Living

TreesForTheFutureA majority of Haitians are far too dependent on their seventy-one percent of the non-renewable resources. Since Haiti could find no other alternative for their energy source but trees, farmers began to cut them down. Cutting these trees down benefits the farmer, because he is generating income from doing this, but what is it doing to the nation of Haiti in the long run?

The decades of corruption, inconsistent foreign involvement, and poor management has created the unending cycle of poverty in Haiti. In rural areas, the natural resources have been demolished completely, shambling the ecological infrastructure.

The only way to recreate Haiti is by restoring the nation’s ecological balance is with fast growing trees.

In order to solve the deforestation issue in Haiti, they will need to plant many fast growing fruit trees and shade trees. This is a simple solution to a very difficult problem, but if this solution is implemented correctly, then it could be the end of deforestation in Haiti.

HassFast fruit-growing trees will stop the soil erosion, as well as provide the farmers with an alternate source of income and feeding their empty stomachs. Planting trees that bear mangos, avocados, and oranges would help in providing a solution for the deforestation and poverty issue. By using this fast growing fruit trees strategy, we can decrease the amount of unemployed
and the hungry, while also boosting the economy.

Mango trees are extremely valuable for export, which will help to develop the market for Haitians, giving them the sense of ownership and responsibility towards the trees. These fast growing fruit trees will also help in maintaining an optimal level of temperature there in Haiti.

Fast growing trees could become a huge part of the restoration and progress in Haiti. To avoid the failure found with other conservative programs, symbiotic conservative projects could be implemented. These programs would address the economic interest as well as the recreating the natural resources, while educating the Haitians on what their role is while trying to
rebuild the country.

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