Eucalyptus Trees offer Organic Flea Control

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Eucalyptus_1_220The aroma of eucalyptus leaves is delightful to everyone who gets a whiff of their fragrance, but fleas and ticks can’t stand the smell! Just one Eucalyptus tree in your yard will keep your entire property free of these pests. Dogs and cats can enjoy a healthier, happier life without the use of chemical flea and tick control no matter where you live.

Pesticide products approved for flea and tick control are very expensive. The nasty smelling pesticide oils are messy and leave you worried about the safety of your family coming into contact with toxins just because they played with their own pet. None of this is really necessary. You can enjoy the beautiful blue foliage, the charming scent and natural pest control with a eucalyptus tree as a houseplant or an ornamental landscape tree.

Anyone can easily grow this low maintenance tree in a pot indoors or outside in your landscape. Eucalyptus is fast growing, drought tolerant and you can clip branches and decorate your home with them.

Chemical controls must be constantly reapplied. Eucalyptus trees are evergreen and provide year around beauty while driving animal pests out of your life naturally year after year.

Eucalyptus220Fleas and ticks are not just an irritant; they spread blood borne diseases such as Lyme’s Disease. Fleas also carry tape worm eggs and infect puppies and kittens with these dangerous parasites. Getting rid of tape worms is costly and involves a trip to the vet. You can put an end to the vicious cycle of fleas repopulating your yard and carpeting quickly and cleanly with Eucalyptus trees.

If you live in growing zones 7-11, you can enjoy the beauty and outdoor pest benefits by planting a Eucalyptus tree in your yard. If you live anywhere else, you will love having the fresh fragrance of the Eucalyptus tree growing in front of a sunny window. It’s just one more beneficial, renewable resource that Mother Nature has provided for us to make life a safer place, free from dangerous chemicals and toxins.