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6-7 ft. trees
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Walnut Trees


English Walnut Tree

Growing Zones: 5-9

  • Hot and cold tolarant
  • King of walnuts
  • Great for salads and brownies


Black Walnut

Growing Zones: 4-9

  • Yields a rich, delicious nut
  • Very abundant harvest
  • Many health benefits

In addition to its formidable physical presence and longevity, the Walnut tree has a number of other notable characteristics, including a huge harvest of delicious walnuts! English Walnut trees produce nuts faster than almost any other walnut tree you can find.

Rich green foliage and sturdy branches provide welcomed shade. You’d be hard pressed to find a tree that is hardier or more adaptable than the English Walnut as it tolerates a variety of soil types.

The Walnut tree is among the most versatile hardwoods on the planet. In addition to yielding exceptional tasting nuts, its timber is treasured by carpenters and sculptors alike. The Walnut tree's wide array of uses also makes it a popular pick for homeowners looking to decorate their properties with a practical and profitable specimen.

And don’t forget the walnuts! The meaty, thin-shelled walnuts are easy to open. Ideal for eating fresh, as well as for cooking and baking. And as you would expect, the English Walnut is a rapid grower.

So before you know it, you and your friends will be loading up buckets of healthy, delicious walnuts!