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Pomegranate Trees

Cold Hardy Russian Red Pomegranate

Cold Hardy Russian Red Pomegranate

Growing Zone: 6-9

Wonderful Pomegranate

Wonderful Pomegranate

Growing Zone: 8-11 outdoors

Highly considered to be the perfect pomegranate you can possibly plant!

Before, we all had to spit out lots of seeds when we bit into a fresh pomegranate.

The Red Pomegranate bears tender seeds you can ingest, which means you don’t need to focus on the etiquette of seed spitting.

Reds are generally regarded as the juiciest pomegranate anybody can find, so in addition to healthy antioxidants, they’re delicious as well!

It thrives in full sun, which is best for flower and fruit production. Once established, it tolerates drought and heat.

If you have a challenging spot in your yard where nothing will grow, this is the fruit tree for you. The Red Pomegranate can grow in a variety of soil conditions. It is pest resistant, making it the best fruit tree for your yard or garden.

It grows to 15-25 ft. tall and is self-pollinating. Fruits begin to ripen in late August and early September.

This is a heavy fruiting variety that produces tons of sweet, tangy pomegranates.

Show off the vibrant red-orange flowers and brilliant yellow autumn foliage by selecting a visible, sunny spot for your tree!

This low maintenance, fruit-producing tree withstands heat, drought, and alkaline soils, growing best in zones 8-11 outdoors. Remember, all citrus trees can be grown indoors no matter where you live.

Expect fruit within the first 2-1/2 to 3 years, but don't be surprised if you're picking fruit the first year in some cases! Water regularly for the best fruit.

It's your tree. Reach up and grab a deep, red-ripened pomegranate right off the tree anytime. Slice into the juicy, sweet goodness for a healthy, thirst-quenching snack.

Pomegranates can make a colorful holiday party centerpiece or add a tasty red splash when mixed into your favorite beverages.

The fruit will last for weeks without refrigeration and does not discolor or bruise easily. In fact, stored at a temperature of 32 to 41 degrees F, pomegranates can be kept for up to 7 months... and the fruits become juicier and more flavorful.

"Wonderful" is the most popular pomegranate tree for fruit. They will go fast! Order today and start enjoying the flowering beauty, health benefits and unique flavor of this popular fruit.

Purple Sunset Pomegranate trees can grow just about anywhere.

They only mature to 3-4 ft., so you can easily plant them around your patio, near corners of your home, and even near entryways. It's perfect for tight spaces! Grows outdoors in zones 7-11.

If you live further north, you can easily grow your tree as an elegant patio plant or container plant that you keep indoors near a sunny window during the winter months.

Purple Sunset Pomegranates look great in decorative containers. Put them on your deck, near your entryway, or mixed with annuals or perennials in a border. Be the first in your neighborhood to share these fruits!

Shades of purple and burgundy emerge as the fruit forms. You’ll love the bright orange flowers that appear from June until September.

This variety of pomegranate has become very popular in recent years, and we're sure to sell out this season. Be sure to order yours now.