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Hazelnut Trees

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Hazelnuts come from the hazel tree, but are also called filberts and sometimes cob nuts. The nuts are usually roasted and eaten on their own. However, it is also common to ground them into a paste to be used to flavor candies and chocolate.

Hazelnut oils are also used in syrups. One particularly well-known hazelnut product is Nutella spread.

As with most nuts, they are high in protein as well as fat. There are also high levels of B vitamins and fiber in a hazelnut.

The compact American Hazelnut is low-maintenance and produces branches bursting with delicious nuts every year. A perfect shrub if you have limited space, it will reach a height of between 8 and 12 feet with a spread to 8 feet at full maturity.

This hardy shrub thrives at homes in zones 4 through 9. While providing you with a hearty crop of healthy nuts, it makes a great shrub to plant in rows to produce a living privacy fence or property boundary. The shrubs also make a great nesting territory for all of your favorite birds.

The drought-tolerant hazelnut grows sturdy branches with dark green leaves that produce vibrant fall foliage that will add gold, red, and orange colors to your garden throughout the autumn season.

The American Hazelnut adapts easily to all soil types and thrives in full sunlight. The small nuts are easy to crack and have sweet kernels that are rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients, and omegas 3 and 6. They are healthy as well as tasty! They are perfect for eating fresh from the shrub or roasted on the grill.

Planted in pairs for guaranteed pollination, the American Hazelnut shrub will produce a bountiful crop of nuts from September through October.

The best time to harvest your hazelnuts is after their husks have dried, split open, and dropped the nuts out of the tree. This usually happens in the late fall, and you will have to check the ground almost daily in order to gather the nuts before the local squirrels and birds make off with them.