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  • English Walnut Tree for Sale

    English Walnut Tree for Sale

    English Walnut Tree for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

English Walnut Tree

Juglans regia 'Carpathian'

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Growing Zones: 5-9
(hardy down to -10℉)

Growing Zones 5-9
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

40-60 ft.

Mature Width:

40-60 ft.


Full Sun


30-60 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Harvest Time:

September - October

Fruit Color:

Green husk

Year to Bear:

8-10 years

Chill Hours (minimum):


You are in an area with ~1800 chill hours

Botanical Name:

Juglans regia 'Carpathian'

Does Not Ship To:


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Tolerant in Hot and Cold Climates

The Carpathian Walnut Tree has so much to like:

  • Hardy tree tolerant of heat and temperatures down to minus 30
  • Scores of huge, delicious walnuts you can enjoy right away or store for months
  • Walnut husks naturally ward off pests and insects
  • Tremendous tree with awe inspiring canopy

Carpathian Walnut: Impressive looks and Distinctive Walnut Flavor

With a stately look, the gorgeous autumn yellow leaves of the Carpathian Walnut will give your landscape the look of an English countryside. Its rounded crown spreads almost as wide as the tree is tall. Gaining a height of up to 60 feet, the Carpathian will draw the looks that a tree of this stature deserves.

Walnut Taste the Carpathian way

When it comes to walnut flavor, the Carpathian is king. An English-type walnut, the taste is full-flavored with a hint of butterscotch and sweetness that is unrivaled by any other variety. The thin husk encasing the fruit is easy to remove. A hearty tree, Carpathians are known to be strong producers that can tolerate harsh northern climates down to 30 below.

Use Carpathians to enhance your homemade brownies or top salads with crushed walnuts from your very own tree.


English Walnut Tree Pollination

English Walnut Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional English Walnut Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5.0
15 Reviews
5 Stars
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1 Stars
Bought this tree in 2013 and planted it, first year little growth had brown spots on leaves, this year about 1 month before coming out of hibernation i put in 2 fruit and citrus fertilizer spikes and this tree is growing FAST! TREE LOVES ITS NEW HOME :
January 1, 2013
Satisfied and surprised
Our two English Walnuts arrived 10-days ago. We (my wife and I) were pleasantly surprised with the size, shape and condition of the trees. They were packaged extremely well and full of leaves. We planted them the same day and to date they have not lost one leaf and the trees have not wilted at all. In-fact they appear to be more vibrant now. We couldn't be more happy and will certainly purchase more trees from Fast Growing Trees in the future. ~ Aaron And Michelle
September 4, 2015
Lewis Center, OH
Growing Zone:
English Walnut - zone 6a
Received in good condition. .. great roots. A couple of green leaves. (Nursery cut all branches for shipping). Soil is heavy clay. Watering every week adding organic fertelizer. After two months new branches and leaves are starting to grow. Would buy trees again.
August 1, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
Great purchase
The bareroot trees arrived in very good packagin and condition. All three of them growing very good and looks great. Thank you for the great product and service!
July 25, 2015
over 2 years ago
I was surprised how healthy and how it took to this zone in northern ohio it seems to taking root rather well here
July 29, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
Walnut Trees :-(
My walnut trees came in a great box to protect them. In terms of size, length and diameter, they were more than what I expected. I was impressed with the root system. There were a few leaves on the trees.

I already had the locations for the trees and planted them immediately. Since then, they have lost all their leaves. The tree is still alive and I hope it survives.

Thank you for requesting a review.
July 27, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
English Walnut Tree
I wasn't very impressed by the trees when they arrived but they have been in the ground for 3-4 months and are doing great.
August 18, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
replaced my fathers tree
My father planted one 85 years ago. It was getting old and starting to die. I pulled it out with my excavator. I cleaned the area and planted a new one . It doing great. Henry
July 29, 2015
over 2 years ago
Great tree
So far happy with the tree. It's growing leaves and doing well. Great experience on shipping.
July 26, 2015
over 2 years ago
Trees were nice size
Just received two English Walnut. Trees were well packaged so survived trip to CO. Height as advertised at almost six feet tall. Trunk girth larger and stronger than I was expecting. Very pleased. Hopefully they will survive CO winter and leaf out nicely again next Spring.
September 21, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your English Walnut Tree

Step 1: Dig Your Hole

Select a site with full to partial sun and moist or well drained soil for your English Walnut Tree.

First, dig each hole so that it is just shallower than the root ball and at least twice the width.

Then loosen the soil in the planting hole so the roots can easily break through.

Use your shovel or try dragging the points of a pitch fork along the sides and bottom of the hole.

Planting & Care

Step 2: Place Your Plant

Next, separate the roots of your English Walnut Tree gently with your fingers and position them downward in the hole.

The top of the root flare, where the roots end and the trunk begins, should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.

Then make sure the plant is exactly vertical in the hole.

To make it just right, use a level.

Step 3: Backfill Your Hole

As you backfill the hole, apply water to remove air pockets.

Remove debris like stones and grass and completely break up any dirt clumps.

Water your English Walnut Tree again after the transplant is complete.

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
Love walnuts and a nice big tree in the end
Brian K on Apr 18, 2017
Had these walnuts at a friend's house last fall. Amazing flavor, and beautiful trees.
Brad W on Apr 8, 2017
Love walnuts and a nice big tree in the end
Brian K on Apr 18, 2017
This was an experiment that did not survive. I love English Walnuts at Christmas. But the local wildlife liked it better and it didn't survive.
Anna W on Apr 11, 2017
Had these walnuts at a friend's house last fall. Amazing flavor, and beautiful trees.
Brad W on Apr 8, 2017
Wanted to replace some walnut trees I lost during the severe storms we had over the years and to complement the fruit trees I ordered, besides I love walnuts
Kevin C on Mar 24, 2017
To add variety to property
Jason H on Mar 4, 2017
Grows well here...planting for the future
marcy mahoney a on Feb 19, 2017
I have always wanted a walnut tree.
STEPHANIE J on Oct 9, 2016
Zone 4 tolerant
Anne A on Jun 23, 2016
There was a dual purpose to pick this tree, first of all the walnuts. If you're going to spend time and money watering something you might as well be able get some sort of nourishment from it. And secondly, it's size. It will be a good a shade tree and it will add to the landscape of the yard.
Landon R on Jun 18, 2016
always grown as much walnut as you can
david m on Apr 17, 2016
like nut trees.
sergey s on Apr 8, 2016
We love walnuts! Always been on our list.
Adam C on Apr 2, 2016
I like nuts
Leo F on Mar 8, 2016
gift for my husband
Jean R on Aug 25, 2015
This was an experiment that did not survive. I love English Walnuts at Christmas. But the local wildlife liked it better and it didn't survive.
Anna W on Apr 11, 2017
Wanted to replace some walnut trees I lost during the severe storms we had over the years and to complement the fruit trees I ordered, besides I love walnuts
Kevin C on Mar 24, 2017
Will a Black Walnut Tree work as a pollinator ?
mark m on Oct 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I don't believe an English walnut needs a pollinator, it is self pollinating. I have one large English walnut tree that has produced as much as 30 bushels of walnuts in a year.
How close does the second pollinator tree have to be for pollination to occur?
Tom C on Jan 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 30 feet is the recommendation I hear most often but I know cases where much longer distances work.
Once planted, how many years will it be before this trees bears nuts?
juneap on May 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I planted 2 foot trees. Got them from a different place. 2 of them are 16 feet now and 10 years old. Am in central Wisconsin. This is the first year i have blossoms on them. hope to get nuts from them this year.
How long/old does it take a new planted tree to pollinate an old tree ?
Bill H on Oct 30, 2014
BEST ANSWER: That really depends on how old the tree you purchase will be. I have found that most trees 6 to 8 years unless you purchase at a nursery and get a really big one. I recently purchased some trees that were over 12 feet tall and I expect them to produce next year.
I would like to plant this in Kalispell Montana. Will it grow there in clay like soil? Also, when should I plant it?
Clementa C on Jan 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have heavy clay soil here in SC and the English walnut tree is at least 20 years old and about 30 feet tall.
how is it shipped ?
A shopper on Jun 20, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Our trees are shipped via FedEx. They're carefully packaged to ensure safe shipping and the roots are wrapped to create a mini green house for your tree, so it receives water and nutrients during transit to survive.
Will this tree survive in soil that is constantly wet?
A shopper on Jul 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: constant moisture could stress this tree out. They prefer dry soil. Constant moisture could cause root rot.
will the new leaves on the tree be affected by a sudden freeze ?
hoserjim on May 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: If you had a very warm winter and an early spring and then a late freeze than yes they can be hurt. You may not get any nuts that year if the catkins have come out before the freeze.
how big a hole do you need to planted a English walnut tree in?
RONALD H on Apr 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Twice the size of the root system as a general rule.
Why can't you ship these walnut trees to Texas?
joyce w on Jul 10, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately Texas has agricultural laws put in place that prevent us from legally shipping the English Walnut Tree there.
how much water is required for English walnuts in zone 6?
mardi on Aug 9, 2015
For a young tree you will want to irrigate from spring into late summer once a week giving 3-5 gallons of water.
For mature trees water once every 2-3 weeks watering from the drip line out. You will want to make sure the water soaks in 3-6 feet deep.
is the english walnut tree the same as a carpathian walnut tree?
Emilia D on Jun 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 'Carpathian' is a variety or type of English Walnut, with sweeter flavor, thinner shells and more cold hardiness than the plain English Walnut (Juglans regia). The Carpathian Walnut originated in the Carpathian Mountains and has been in cultivation for hundreds of years.
How cold can it tolerate?
Miker on Oct 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I planted one and it produced and survived southern Wisconsin winters for the 15+ years I lived at that location.
Do I need two trees for English Walnut to get nuts?
Dennis C on Aug 20, 2015
Yes you will need to purchase 2 of the Carpathian Walnut Trees to ensure proper pollination.Please contact our sales department at 1 888 504-2001. Happy Gardening
Is fall a good time to plant? I live in south central PA. Tony
TonyG on Aug 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I planted to English walnut trees when they ship them to me in March and they made it through the summer but failed to make it through the winter and they would not replace him good luck with your praised Enter an answer to this question.
How thick is the truck?
Erma M on Feb 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The "trunk", when the tree arrived, was just shy of 2 inches in circumference making it almost 1 inch thick (across). I would compare it to my thumb.
Will deer eat the walnuts or the leaves?
Mary M on Aug 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: deer will eat everything that I have ever planted. just plant some pear trees for them and they may stay away from the other trees
What is the diameter or circumference of a healthy, fully mature English walnut tree? I want to plant one on my parking strip but don't know if it's possible there.
Eric R on May 16, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You need 60 feet from trunk to end of limbs in all directions.
how long will it take for English Walnut Tree 5=6 feet bear fruits? and why you dont ship to california?.thanks
Knight R on May 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Agricultural restrictions prohibits us from shipping it into your state. It could take 4-5 years to produce.
Is the Carpathian walnut grafted to a black walnut rootstock?
Nico G on Dec 30, 2015
how&what time yare is best to cut bruches?
Eugene K on Nov 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: During the early spring is the best time of year to prune your walnut trees. You will want to prune any broken, damaged, or diseased branches. Also, remove any crisscrossing or rubbing branches. Make sure that your tree has sunlight and air flow through the canopy, this will allow the air and sunlight to knock out molds and fungi.

Be sure to look at your tree and plan where to make your cuts. Just like with a haircut, you can always remove more hair later, but if you cut too much it may take a while to grow back. Use a sharp and sterile pair of hand pruners or loppers and make your cuts at 45 degree angles facing upwards in order to promote new growth.
Can a walnut tree kill an apple tree if planted too close to the apple tree ?
Kevin H on Aug 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hello Kevin
Please read ( Homeguides SFGATE website) you will need a 30x30 buffer. There is a lot of information on the web if you want to research it yourself. Hope that answers your question.

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