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Sweetgum Trees


The American Sweetgum is a colorful shade tree that has large, shiny green leaves that turn bright red in the fall.

It has deeply furrowed brown bark, and grows consistently straight up to 75 feet tall. Matures to a cone-shaped crown.

It's the perfect fall color tree. Not only does it burst with three incredible colors, but the leaves stay on for much longer than typical shade trees. That means you get to enjoy this incredible show for weeks longer!

Its wide tolerance for various soil and moisture conditions make it a perfect choice for a windbreak, shade tree, or street tree. It can even take extended periods of flooding.

The Roundleaf Sweetgum is different than other sweetgums. This one won't drop annoying gumballs all over your yard!

If you want all the shade, striking autumn color with none of the spiky fruit pods cluttering up the landscape, our Roundleaf is for you.

The big, rough-textured foliage is composed of more rounded leaves, but still shows all the fabulous fall color that will light your yard on fire. The single trunk sports a more spherical crown as the tree matures, and features a light brown, textured bark.