Master Gardening Curriculum

Whether you are considering becoming a Master Gardener or just want to learn more about gardening and horticulture on your own, this self-paced resource is a great reference to assist you in your quest to master gardening and horticulture.

Master Gardening Course Mission

The mission of this Master Gardening resource is to provide visitors with a self-paced online course to assist them in mastering the art and science of gardening and horticulture. This is not an official Master Gardener program, but the content contained herein is representative of the type of curriculum often included in a Master Gardener program.

For those considering becoming a Master Gardener, this resource will provide them with a good idea of many of the areas that are typically covered in such a program as well as the depth to which those areas are covered.  It can be used to help prepare for enrolling in an official Master Gardener program.

This self-paced course is also ideal for the gardening enthusiast who would like to learn much of the advanced material covered in a Master Gardener program but simply cannot pursue certification due to one of any number of reasons such as lack of time to commit, scheduling conflicts due to other responsibilities, etc. This resource will allow those enthusiasts to learn much of the same material at their own pace and on their own schedule.