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Privacy Trees

Thuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available
•  Takes up little room
133 Reviews - Read All

Willow Hybrid
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Fastest Growing Screen
•  Grows up to 6 ft. yr.
•  Disease Resistant
56 Reviews - Read All

Leyland Cypress
Growing Zones 6-10
•  Most Widely Planted
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available
51 Reviews - Read All

American Holly
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Fast Growing Holly
•  Grows almost anywhere
•  Dense evergreen privacy
9 Reviews - Read All

Italian Cypress
Growing Zones 7-11
•  Narrow, elegant look
•  Naturally uniform
•  Drought tolerant conifer
9 Reviews - Read All

Juniper 'Wichita Blue'
Growing Zones 3-9
•  Unique blue foliage
•  Very adaptable
•  Great for hedges
1 Reviews - Read All

Nellie Stevens Holly
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Year Round Privacy
•  Fast Growing Holly
•  Grows almost anywhere
31 Reviews - Read All

Cryptomeria Radicans
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Soft, feathery foliage
•  Grows in any soil
•  Easy to grow conifer
13 Reviews - Read All

Thuja Emerald Green
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Stops growth at 10 ft.
•  Year round deep green
•  Grows anywhere
13 Reviews - Read All

Sky Pencil Holly
Growing Zones 5-9
•  No maintenance
•  Attractive form
•  Attention-getting tree
6 Reviews - Read All

Drought-Free Evergreen
Growing Zones 7-9
•  Thrives on neglect
•  Great for poor soils
•  Grows 3 feet per yr.
1 Reviews - Read All

Black Bamboo
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Incredible Growth Rate
•  Non-Invasive Variety
•  Takes up little space
10 Reviews - Read All

Sunset Glow Bamboo
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Very fast growing
•  Easy to maintain
•  Great color
2 Reviews - Read All

Multiplex Bamboo
Growing Zones 7-10
•  Hedge bamboo
•  Cold tolerant
•  Perfect ornametal plant

Wax Myrtle
Growing Zones 7-11
•  Grows up to 5 ft. / year
•  Tolerates poor soil
•  Unique fragrance
2 Reviews - Read All


Privacy Trees

Looking for a little more privacy from the neighbors? Need to block out unwanted noise? Forget expensive, unsightly fences! We carry the best privacy screen trees on the market! Instantly block out the neighbors, increase your property value, and benefit the environment all in one step. And privacy is not the only benefit of these trees. Look for attributes like soil adaptability, pest and disease resistance, and cold hardiness from these fantastic privacy trees. Choose from cypress trees, arborvitaes, and american holly trees.

The Thuja Green Giant is our best-selling privacy tree. This evergreen has an incredible growth rate of 3-5 ft. a year! The Thuja is drought tolerant, adaptable to most soil types, and pest & disease resistant. It even stands up to snow and ice!

Nellie Stevens Hollies form a beautiful privacy wall that will add a secluded vibe to any landscape. These holly trees grow up to 3 feet a year! It also flourishes in drought, various types of soil, and even outright neglect.

The Leyland Cypress is a popular privacy tree selection all over the country. Expect 3-4 feet of growth a year! The Leyland is adaptable to various types of soil and growing conditions. Resistant to drought, also!

The Willow Hybrid, often referred to as the Austree, is our fastest growing privacy tree. Plant approximately 5 feet apart, and watch these trees shoot up into a dense hedge. Perfect if you need privacy in a hurry!