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Evergreen Trees

Thuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available
•  Takes up little room

Leyland Cypress
Growing Zones 6-10
•  Most Widely Planted
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available

American Holly
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Fast Growing Holly
•  Grows almost anywhere
•  Dense evergreen privacy

Italian Cypress
Growing Zones 7-11
•  Narrow, elegant look
•  Naturally uniform
•  Drought tolerant conifer

Juniper 'Wichita Blue'
Growing Zones 3-9
•  Unique blue foliage
•  Very adaptable
•  Great for hedges

Nellie Stevens Holly
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Year Round Privacy
•  Fast Growing Holly
•  Grows almost anywhere

Eucalyptus Tree
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
•  Grows up to 3-6 ft/yr
•  Sweet fragrance
•  Evergreen shade tree

Cryptomeria Radicans
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Soft, feathery foliage
•  Grows in any soil
•  Easy to grow conifer

Thuja Emerald Green
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Stops growth at 10 ft.
•  Year round deep green
•  Grows anywhere

Norway Spruce
Growing Zones 2-5
•  Fast growing evergreen
•  Very cold hardy
•  Low maintenance

Sky Pencil Holly
Growing Zones 5-9
•  No maintenance
•  Attractive form
•  Attention-getting tree

Juniper 'Skyrocket'
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Maintenance free
•  Great accent evergreen
•  Blue-green foliage

Drought-Free Evergreen
Growing Zones 7-9
•  Thrives on neglect
•  Great for poor soils
•  Grows 3 feet per yr.

Fragrant Tea Olive
Growing Zones 7-9
•  Incredible fragrance
•  Easy to grow
•  Small white blooms

Soft Touch Holly
Growing Zones 5-9
•  No prickly leaves!
•  Excellent hedge shrub
•  Very adaptable

Black Bamboo
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Incredible Growth Rate
•  Non-Invasive Variety
•  Takes up little space

Spartan Juniper
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Landscape evergreen
•  Durable & adaptable
•  Cold & heat tolerant

Sunset Glow Bamboo
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Very fast growing
•  Easy to maintain
•  Great color

Canadian Hemlock
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Northern Evergreen
•  Fast Growing
•  Great for Privacy

Cedar Deodar
Growing Zones 7-9
•  Up to 70 ft. tall
•  Very drought resistant
•  Ornamental evergreen

Blue Spruce
Growing Zones 2-7
•  Unique Color
•  Easy to Grow
•  Great for Privacy

Dwarf Hinoki Tree
Growing Zones 4-8
•  Easy to grow
•  Perfect for small spaces
•  Dwarf Cypress tree

Dwarf White Pine
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Compact white pine tree
•  Soft, silvery needles
•  Grows in containers

Hetz Midget Thuja
Growing Zones 2-7
•  Compact thuja shrub
•  Blue-green foliage
•  Matures to 4 ft. tall

Hollywood Juniper
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Minimal attention
•  Salt and wind tolerant
•  Fits in small spaces

Juniper 'Blue Star'
Growing Zones 4-8
•  Compact Juniper shrub
•  Silver blue foliage
•  Great for foundation planting

Little Gem Magnolia
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Little Tree, Huge Flowers
•  Multiple Uses
•  Drought Tolerant

Mohave Pyracantha
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Bright red ornamental berries
•  Great as a hedge
•  Great fall color

Monkey Puzzle
Growing Zones 7-10

Multiplex Bamboo
Growing Zones 7-10
•  Hedge bamboo
•  Cold tolerant
•  Perfect ornametal plant

Russian Cypress
Growing Zones 3-7
•  Compact evergreen tree
•  Resembles arborvitae foliage
•  Perfect as a dwarf accent tree

Southern Magnolia
Growing Zones 7-9
•  Southern Gem
•  Fragrant Flowers
•  Large Shade Tree

Thuja Forever Goldy
Growing Zones 5-8
•  Soft feathery branches
•  Fall color
•  Excellent wind break

White Pine
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Makes a great windscreen
•  Hardy and valuable
•  Fast growing evergreen


Evergreen Trees

Everyone places a high value on evergreen trees for the all-year foliage and constant ornamental qualities. A plant that holds it’s foliage through all four seasons keeps our spirits up over dreary winter days while other plants rest and rebuild energy for the coming spring. Evergreen trees can provide a landscape with so much beauty and style when properly placed.

Choose your evergreen tree wisely and with some forethought. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and foliage types. Take into account the actual lot size of your yard you are buying evergreens for. Not all evergreen trees retain beauty after a harsh shearing when they outgrow their allotted space. You can find the perfect style and size for your landscape and house style with the variety we offer.

Selecting the evergreen trees above gives you some excellent advantages. Every evergreen tree we ship has a well-established root system. We know that this is so beneficial to your tree adapting to your soil and climate. Your new evergreen trees will start showing new growth soon after you plant them.

Evergreen privacy hedges are easily planted with a narrower shaped tree. Consider the Thuja trees – both the Thuja Green Giant and the Thuja Emerald Green are excellent for hedging.

Holly trees are another excellent choice. The Nellie Stevens Holly and the American Holly Trees varieties are also great for creating solitude or planted for stand-alone beauty.

Evergreen accent trees are a great way to add color and character to your landscape. Blue is a foliage color once usually finds only in evergreens – look at our Sapphire Cypress, Eucalyptus tree and of course our Skyrocket Juniper, which is so popular for small spaces.

Formal landscapes or those that have a European style are perfect for the elegant look of our Italian Cypress tree. In colder climates, you can use Emerald Green or Thuja Green Giant to get this same styling but they should be sheared to mimic the shape of the Cypress.

If you are looking for an evergreen specimen tree, you can use any of those already mentioned. Don’t overlook our Cryptomeria tree – its soft, feathery beauty makes it a very popular evergreen tree with homeowners in many areas.

All of your evergreen trees are carefully prepared, and will adapt quickly and easily to any soil or climate. We offer fast growing, low maintenance evergreen trees with superior resistance to pests and diseases and good drought tolerance. This practice and great rooting allows you to succeed and enjoy growing your new trees.