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Large Trees

Thuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available
•  Takes up little room

Hybrid Poplar
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Grows up to 8 ft. yr.
•  Disease resistant
•  Highly adaptable

Tulip Poplar
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Amazing gold foliage
•  Grows up to 6 ft. yr
•  Full yellow blooms

Weeping Willow
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Tree lover's favorite
•  Easy to grow shade tree
•  Even grows in soggy soil

Willow Hybrid
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Fastest Growing Screen
•  Grows up to 6 ft. yr.
•  Disease Resistant

Leyland Cypress
Growing Zones 6-10
•  Most Widely Planted
•  Grows 3-5 feet yr.
•  Large sizes available

Lombardy Poplar
Growing Zones 3-9
•  Grows up to 6 ft. yr.
•  Easy to grow
•  Great for windbreaks

Autumn Blaze Maple
Growing Zones 3-8
•  Fastest growing maple
•  Resists insects & disease
•  Award winning foliage

Nellie Stevens Holly
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Year Round Privacy
•  Fast Growing Holly
•  Grows almost anywhere

Autumn Purple Ash
Growing Zones 3-9
•  Orange, red & purple
•  Tolerant of many soils
•  Easy to grow

Kwanzan Cherry
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Vibrant pink blooms
•  Tons of flowers!
•  Clusters of 3-5 flowers

Gala Apple
Growing Zones 5-8
•  Sweet taste
•  Long storage life
•  Fast growing apple tree

Ginkgo Tree
Growing Zones 3-9
•  Beautiful yellow blooms
•  Stunning color
•  Maintenance free!

Okame Cherry
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Gorgeous pink blooms!
•  Spring's first flowers
•  Ideal for small lots

Key Lime Tree
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
•  Most popular lime
•  Grows anywhere potted
•  Very fragrant

Yoshino Cherry
Growing Zones 5-8
•  Star of the DC Cherry Festival each spring
•  Perfect for rows

Elberta Peach
Growing Zones 5-8
•  Loaded with tastes
•  Disease resistant
•  Fast growing, large fruit

Black Bamboo
Growing Zones 6-9
•  Incredible Growth Rate
•  Non-Invasive Variety
•  Takes up little space

Kieffer Pear
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Matures to 6-10 ft.
•  Ideal height to pick fruit!
•  Very easy to grow

Methley Plum
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Tons of plums
•  Springtime blooms
•  Grows almost anywhere

4-in-1 Apple Tree
Growing Zones 5-8
•  4 apples on 1 tree
•  Self pollinating
•  Larger size = fruit sooner

4-in-1 Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8
•  4 cherries on 1 tree
•  Get fruit quickly
•  Self pollinating

American Red Maple
Growing Zones 4-9
•  Fast growing maple
•  Disease resistant
•  A great tree for shade

Flavortop Nectarine
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Self Pollinating
•  Nectarines in 3-4 years
•  Delicious Large Fruit

Fruit Cocktail Tree
Growing Zones 6-9
•  3 Fruit Varieties
•  Self Pollinating
•  Dwarf Size

Honeycrisp Apple
Growing Zones 3-7
•  Sweetest apple
•  Stores for months
•  Crisp & Juicy

Rainbow Eucalyptus
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
•  Large shade tree
•  Multicolored trunk
•  Can grow in a container


Large Trees for Sale

When you need a hedge or a shade tree, you don't want to wait ten years for your trees to mature. Start by planting a larger tree- it will add value and enjoyment to your property immediately.

Grow a quick, beautiful privacy screen. Thuja Giant, Nellie Stevens Holly, and Leyland Cypress will grow 3 feet a year and establish a perfect living border.
Many varieties have a 5-7 ft. option... for those of us who are impatient!

Don’t wait another year for summer shade. A mature Weeping Willow will grow as much as ten feet in a single year. Tulip trees will put on 2-3 feet a year and quickly grow to 80 feet. The Cleveland Pear is great for a smaller yard, quickly attaining 20-30 feet and putting on a beautiful spring show.

For simple beauty, dogwoods and cherries are graceful and quick to achieve maturity. The Autumn Purple Ash turns a gorgeous, warm purple. Combine the classic American red maples- October Glory, Autumn Blaze, and Summer Red- to create a natural woodland that will stop traffic. Crape Myrtles are glorious summer bloomers, with graceful shapes and unusual bark for winter interest.

Many of these trees for sale will arrive five feet tall or larger, ready to do the job. Do you need a living fence? Summer shade? Some beauty? Large trees give you quick privacy, shade and color.