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ESPOMA Palm-Tone®

All-Natural Palm Fertilizer

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Give your palms and hibiscus a nutritional boost with a regular feeding of Espoma Palm- Tone. Palm-
Toneís organic formula contains Espomaís own proprietary blend of essential microbes, prepared after
analyzing results from the extensive testing conducted at leading research universities.

Slow and steady feeding is a gardenerís key to success. Microorganisms are present in Palm-Tone, and
their function is to digest the nutrients contained in the natural plant food, thus enabling the trees and
shrubs to absorb the fortifying proteins and minerals they need to flourish and shine.

For new plantings, cultivate the soil in advance, adding the directed amount of Palm-Toneís blend. Once
trees and shrubs are established, continue to feed as per each individual plantís requirements.

Youíll see amazing results in short order. Your palms will be energized, growing vigorously into
the tropical superstars you always knew they could be. Your hibiscus shrubs will be lush and lively,
exhibiting larger and more robust blooms than ever before.

When you decide on an organic plant food over a synthetic fertilizer, youíre choosing the safest
supplement, for both the plant and the environment. Organic plant foods typically contain very low
levels of salt, so thereís almost no risk of this food pulling all the moisture out of the plant or the soil.

At Fast Growing Trees we are conscientious about the products we sell, because we sincerely value your
business. For that reason, we offer only the most premium quality plant food. When you want the best
for your palms and hibiscus, you want Espoma Palm-Tone.