Almond Trees

Texas Mission Almond Tree
Growing Zones: 7-9
•  Tons of healthy almonds
•  Full spring blooms
•  Very adaptable

When your Pink Flowering Almond blooms, you will enjoy petite, ruffled, double-pink blooms covering each and every branch in early spring.

It is one of the most richly colored and prettiest flowering shrubs you can plant.

Because of their small size, they’re perfect as a focal point along a pathway, in groupings, or even in containers.

They only grow up to 4-5 ft. tall, so you can plant them almost anywhere.

It provides plenty of springtime blooms without taking up too much room, so it works very well for anyone with space issues.

You can easily keep it dense and compact, or to your desired height.

The small green leaves that smother the shrub throughout the summer turn to a vibrant yellow shade in the fall, giving you color throughout the seasons.

These are resilient plants... they can tolerate urban conditions like poor soil, drought, and smog.

It is very easy to care for. The Pink Flowering Almond is extremely adaptable to various soil and moisture conditions.

It’s the perfect flowering shrub for border or foundation plantings, though it can work well as a small showpiece plant as well. You can expect a bright show of blooms in late April or May. Plant in partial to full sun for optimal blooms!

Cross pollinate with the Texas Almond:

• These almonds are considered to be cholesterol-free
• Store them year round
• Wonderful for desserts, baking, or snacks!

Store your almonds and enjoy the health benefits all year. Texas Mission Almonds contain "good fat" and they actually help raise good cholesterol levels.

Just dip them in an anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate for a healthy dessert!

Savor the delights and health benefits of this hearty nut for years to come -- almond trees can produce for up to 50 years.

• Vibrant white and pink blooms
• Low maintenance
• Resists frost damage

Not only does the Texas Mission Almond give you a lifetime of healthy snacks, but also traffic-stopping color in every year!

The beautiful white and pink flowers bud late in the year, and resist any frost damage.

Almond trees flourish best in climates with mild winters, and long, dry, hot summers with low humidity. The Texas Mission almond tree is perfect for areas with late frost.

Deep, well-drained soils that are reasonably fertile are best, but poor soils are tolerated.

Or cross pollinate with the NE Plus Almond!

The light, sweet, nutty aroma of the Ne Plus almond tempts the taste buds. It's the delight in sweets like marzipan, nougat, and macaroons. There is nothing like dunking an almond biscotti in your morning coffee for a tasty start to your day.

Almonds are also incredibly healthy. They're good for your lungs, heart, and also your teeth. Almond oil is even used in cosmetics, soaps and creams to help restore moisture balance and create a natural glow. It is nature's perfect moisturizer!

And these healthy, sweet almonds are easy to grow... right off the tree!

The heavenly white blooms of the NE Plus almond trees make a beautiful path down a winding driveway or when lining your yard. You get a picturesque show every spring with these flowers.

The Ne Plus almond tree normally blooms around mid-February, and the almonds ripen by September. These trees flourish in well-drained and moist, loamy soil... and will thrive in little shade. Enjoy!!!