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Small Ornamental Trees

Royal Empress Trees
• Grows up to 12 ft. yr.
• Fast growing shade tree
• Fragrant blooms
Growing Zones 5-11
16 Reviews - Read All
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Arapaho Crape Myrtle
• Bright red crape myrtle
• Blooms spring to fall
• Very disease resistant
Growing Zones 7-9
36 Reviews - Read All
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Dynamite Crape Myrtle
• Deep red color
• Customer Favorite
• A 'Care Free' Tree
Growing Zones 7-9
36 Reviews - Read All
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Muskogee Crape
• Lavender blooms
• Beautiful in groupings
• Flowers for 120 days
Growing Zones 7-11
22 Reviews - Read All
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Pink Velour Crape
• Bright pink flowers
• Easy to Grow
• Drought Tolerant
Growing Zones 7-10
9 Reviews - Read All
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Tuscarora Crape
• Light red or pink blooms
• Very Adaptable
• Easy to grow
Growing Zones 7-9
7 Reviews - Read All
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Kwanzan Cherry
• Vibrant pink blooms
• Tons of flowers!
• Clusters of 3-5 flowers
Growing Zones 5-9
12 Reviews - Read All
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Red Rocket Crape
• Bright red blooms
• Months of flowers
• Mature Height: 20-30 ft.
Growing Zones 6-9
4 Reviews - Read All
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Okame Cherry
• Gorgeous pink blooms!
• Spring's first flowers
• Ideal for small lots
Growing Zones 6-9
9 Reviews - Read All
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White Kousa Dogwood
• Tons of white blooms
• Grows in tight areas
• Perfect in Full Sun
Growing Zones 5-8
4 Reviews - Read All
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Natchez Crape
• Fast growing
• Soft white flowers
• Very adaptable
Growing Zones 7-10
7 Reviews - Read All
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Burgundy Cotton Crape
• White, cotton blooms
• Unique burgundy buds
• Newest variety
Growing Zones 7-9
3 Reviews - Read All
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Lavender Rose of Sharon
• Incredible Purple Blooms
• Easy to Grow
• Tons of Color
Growing Zones 5-9

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White Rose of Sharon
• Huge White Blooms
• Low Maintenance
• Blooms for months!
Growing Zones 5-9
3 Reviews - Read All
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Mimosa Trees

These trees are commonly planted near back patios because they attract hummingbirds like no other tree we've ever seen.

Great where you need a small to medium sized ornamental tree.

Mimosa trees rapidly grow to about 20-25 ft. They have a tropical look, but are very hardy. They adapt to almost any soil type. They are drought tolerant and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

Fragrant, hot pink blooms grow in clusters, adding an explosion of color and excitement to any spring setting.

The bark is a gentle light gray, giving you a beautiful contrast of color.

Mimosa Trees tend to have very little branching in the first few years, but this is nothing to worry about. As your tree becomes more mature, branching will increase.

Easy to grow tree, even tolerates drought conditions. Also known as the "Silk Tree" because of its stunning, shimmering flowers. A very unique, small tree that you will surely fall in love with. Use it as an accent in your home landscape, or as a specimen flowering tree.

The Smoke Tree gets its name from the way it looks while in bloom. Like an airy cloud of smoke floating atop the pretty leaves.

This most unusual blooming effect comes from the fluffy heads that hold clusters of very tiny flowers.

For a touch of something unexpected, yet highly ornamental, this is a smart choice for an accent tree.

Though delicate in appearance, your smoke tree is a tough landscape plant that can tolerate dry conditions.

The Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree is widely used as an ornamental tree, valued for its abundance of soft, white flowers in spring.

Its Oriental branching pattern displays a pure white cloud of delicate flowers that make your landscape look like springtime on parade.

Choose this tree as a border plant, to accent specific spots in your yard, in a rock garden or Zen area, or to enhance an outdoor patio.

These trees line the streets of Washington, DC, and along with its cousin, the Kwanzan Cherry, are the stars of the city's Cherry Blossom Festival. Held each spring, this festival displays thousands of blooming cherry trees along the city's walkways.

No need to hassle with traffic and parking when you plant this lovely tree in your own backyard.