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Japanese Maple Trees

Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Tamukeyama Japanese Maple
Red Select Japanese Maple
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Unique red foliage
•  Grows in shade
•  Perfect for tight spaces

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple
Growing Zones 5-8
•  Weeping & cascading
•  Dissected red-leaf variety
•  Colorful all year

Red Select Japanese Maple
Growing Zones 5-9
•  Colorful fall color
•  Small maple tree
•  Lace-like foliage




If you’re in need of a tree that does it all, the Coral Bark Japanese Maple will suit your needs!

Even in the winter, this tree stands out from the rest. The striking red bark makes a statement in an otherwise boring winter landscape. Its foliage is mostly green with reddish-pink tinges of color at first, turning into medium green for the summer season, and finally taking on autumn-like hues of fiery red, bright yellow, and rusty orange in late summer. A must have for any garden!

This compact version fits anywhere! It grows to approximately 15-25 feet tall with a smaller width. Plant it as an accent tree along your foundation, or even put it in a container and grow it on your patio.

Add color and contrast to an otherwise dull green landscape. Horticulturists love Bloodgood Japanese Maple trees because their foliage stays red for most of the year, rather than just a few weeks. Summer burgundy foliage turns bright red as the weather cools.

This is a small tree that you can plant near your home, patio, or tight places. Trim to your desired height, or let it grow to its full 15 feet. The roots are well behaved, so many people plant the Bloodgood near their foundation to accent corners of the property. They also work great for small yards and as property dividers.

Bloodgood trees are versatile and will grow in partial shade or full sun. You don't have to worry if you have tall shade trees nearby or shade from close structures.

Weeping Maple is a tree with leaves that are a tinged light orange-red color and mature to a deep, alluring green in summer, which is why it is also known as Viridis.

In the fall the foliage transforms itself yet again by adopting even darker reddish hues.

Viridis adds incredible texture to a garden thanks to leaves that resemble delicate ferns and sway enticingly in a breeze. Weeping Maple forms a low mound of cascading leaves atop elegant draping branches that create graceful arches, perfect for a natural arbor.

This lace-leaf Maple grows more vigorously than most Japanese Maple varieties. It makes an outstanding accent tree particularly when lit up at night or situated next to a pond or water fountain.

Viridis grows to be about 8 feet tall when mature and has a spread of nearly 10 feet. The slow growth rate allows this plant to flourish for 60 years or more with very minimal care. It also easily fits in a tighter spot where other trees might be too large.

Relatively low maintenance, Weeping Maple should only be pruned in the summer months. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, it does best if you mulch the root base so that it has access to the rich moisture it provides.

This gorgeous tree will provide your landscape with signature style and elegance that can only be obtained by a lace leaf Maple. Enjoy the delicate beauty of the Viridis by ordering one today. It is sure to be the highlight of your garden collection.