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Mango KitMangifera indica; Mangifera indica 'Glenn'

  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit
  • Mango Kit

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Mango KitMangifera indica; Mangifera indica 'Glenn'

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Twice the Mangoes, Twice the Flavor

Who doesn’t love the exotic taste of a fresh, tropical mango? Get two amazing flavor profiles and escape to your very own island oasis with our Mango Kit! This pack comes with:  

  • One 2-3 foot Alphonso Mango Tree
  • One 3-4 foot Glenn Mango Tree

Once you sink your teeth into a creamy Alphonso Mango, it will be love at first bite! This variety has a sweet flavor, with hints of apricot and peach and a rich citrus tang, plus a creamy, juicy flesh. Alphonso Mangoes have a unique flavor and are hard to find in grocery stores and local markets. Save money and grow these mangoes right at home. They make the perfect addition to smoothies, desserts, and other dishes.  

Glenn Mangoes can easily be grown anywhere in the country with little fuss. They tolerate temperature drops down to 30 degrees and can be planted indoors or out. They grow quickly to a manageable size, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet taste and delectable fragrance of its fruit as soon as possible! The fruit of the Glenn Mango Tree has a firm texture that is not as fibrous as other mango varieties, making it ideal for desserts, salads, or homemade salsas! 

Savor the island-inspired flavors of these two tropical superstars with our Mango Kit! Grab yours today and start building your backyard oasis!

Delicious Dried Mango
Ever wanted to dry your own mangoes at home?
Now, you can! Cut your mangoes into thin slices and lay them out on a baking sheet lined with a silicon baking mat. Bake for 3-4 hours at the lowest temperature your oven will go, flipping the slices every 30-60 minutes. Once, the mango has a rubbery, leathery feel, it’s ready to go. Let it cool, and snack away! You can also use a dehydrator or sun-dry your mango slices if preferred.

Pollination Info

Mango Kit Pollination

Both the Glenn and Alphonso Mango are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding additional mangos will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Both the Alphonso Mango and Glenn Mango can be planted outdoors or in containers. They thrive in full sun and warm, humid climates, but can withstand occasional cold snaps. If grown in containers, you will need to re-pot your trees as they grow. 

2. Watering: When your mango trees arrive, they will be very thirsty. Make sure they are watered 2-3 times a week in the summer and 1-2 times in the colder months. Be sure to take rainfall into account in your watering schedule if you plant your trees outside. Check topsoil to make sure it stays moist, but not wet. 

3. Fertilizing: The Glenn Mango thrives best with natural, organic fertilizer with mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. Potted mangoes will benefit from a balanced fertilizer formula such as a 10-10-10 while actively growing. Mango trees planted in the ground are excellent at taking up nutrients, so they need very little, if any, fertilizer.

4. Pruning: Pruning the branches of your mango trees right after the harvest will give you more mangoes by encouraging the growth of more lateral branches. Prune new shoots when they reach about 20 inches. Do this several times the first growing season, and 2 to 3 times during the next couple of growing seasons. 

5. Pollination:  Both the Alphonso Mango and Glenn Mango Trees are self-fertile and self-pollinating, so they will produce fruit on their own.

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Product Details

Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Sun
Growth Rate: Fast
Drought Tolerance: Good
Botanical Name: Mangifera indica; Mangifera indica 'Glenn'
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
4-11 patio         /           9-11 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 30℉)

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