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Cold-Hardy Winter Interest KitPicea pungens 'Fat Albert'; Cornus sericea; Buxus Sinica; Rhododendron x Nova Zembla

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

    This kit includes 14 plants total: 2 Fat Albert Spruce Trees, 2 Red Twig Dogwoods, 4 Red Rhododendrons, and 6 Titan Boxwoods

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

    Fat Albert Blue Spruce

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

    Red Twig Dogwood

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

    Red Rhododendron

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

    Titan Boxwoods

  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit
  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit
  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit
  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit
  • Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit

* Images shown are of mature plants

Cold-Hardy Winter Interest KitPicea pungens 'Fat Albert'; Cornus sericea; Buxus Sinica; Rhododendron x Nova Zembla

Shrubs & Hedges

Everything you need for a colorful winter landscape

  • Includes 2 Fat Albert Spruce Trees, 2 Red Twig Dogwoods, 4 Red Rhododendrons, and 6 Titan Boxwoods
  • Showy blooms and branches, evergreen foliage, and cold-hardiness down to -40°F
  • Adds a mix of winter-interest focal points for nonstop, 4-season beauty
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Questions? Call our plant experts: (800) 973-8959

Vibrant Color That Withstands the Cold

Although winter brings the joy of the holiday season, it can sometimes make your landscape look a little sad. However, with the right plants, your winter garden can be just as vibrant as it is in spring. In our Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit, you'll get 14 cheerful shrubs and trees to keep your spirits bright. This kit includes:

 Your Fat Albert Spruce Trees will grow neatly, remaining in that classic Christmas tree shape. Their evergreen foliage is a subtle cool green, so it will stand out amongst the more emerald hues of your Titan Boxwoods. As dwarf shrubs, your Titans will grow densely and remain relatively compact. They're perfect for creating hedging and borders, and they can be pruned into different shapes as topiary!

As a striking contrast, the drought-tolerant Red Twig Dogwood Shrubs will dazzle against gray grass and white snow with their crimson branches. And in the spring, they'll grow lush, green foliage and bloom with delicate white flowers. Plus, clusters of white berries will appear in the summer, attracting birds and other friendly wildlife.

Finally, your Red Rhododendrons will keep their foliage throughout the colder months, so you won't be dealing with bare branches like other flowering shrubs. As some of the earliest bloomers, you'll begin seeing their bright fuchsia-red blossoms as soon as January or February!

Enjoy evergreen foliage, mid-winter blooms, and flashy red bark with the plants in our Cold-Hardy Winter Interest Kit. Order today before the frost sets in!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: 

  • Fat Albert Spruce: Select an area with full to partial sunlight and well-drained soil. When planting, dig a hole for each tree that is three times as wide as the root ball but just as deep. You don’t need to add anything to the planting hole. After removing the tree from its container, work your fingers through the roots to loosen them. Place the tree, fill in around the tree with the same soil you took out when initially digging the hole. Finally, tamp down as you fill to cut back on any air pockets from forming, water the tree, then mulch to conserve moisture.
  • Red Twig Dogwood: In terms of sunlight requirements, Red Twigs will tolerate partial shade, but their signature red bark will be brightest if they are planted in full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. Dig your planting hole twice the width of the root ball and just as deeply enough so that it's level with the surrounding area. Remove the plant from the container by gently tapping on the ground and easing the plant out of the container. Place the shrub in the planting hole and backfill with your blend of native and gardening soil and gently tap down to secure the plant. Water the planting site to settle the soil then mulch to retain soil moisture.
  • Red Rhododendron: Select an area with full to partial sun (4 to 6 hours of sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. From there, dig a hole large enough to accommodate your shrub's root ball, place your shrub, and backfill the soil.
  • Titan Boxwood: Pick a location where your Titan will receive full or partial sunlight (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). If you live in a very hot climate, they will do best with some afternoon shade and well-drained soil. Dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and twice as wide. Place the Boxwood upright into the hole ensuring it is straight and begin to back fill the hole, watering every couple inches to prevent air pockets from forming. Finally, to help retain moisture in the soil and deter weed growth, apply a 2- to 3-inch deep layer of mulch around the base of the Boxwood, extending 12 inches past the foliage.

2. Watering: 

  • Fat Albert Spruce: Spruce trees prefer evenly moist, well-draining soil, but can tolerate some drought once established. Water your Colorado Spruce Tree deeply and regularly each week, more often in hot or dry climates. Not sure when to water? Check the soil 2 inches down and water when dry to the touch.
  • Red Twig Dogwood: Create a mulch barrier around the tree's trunk at planting. Keep the mulch five or six inches away from the trunk itself to help the tree retain water. Water the Red Twig thoroughly once or twice weekly - if you're not sure when to water, simply check the surrounding soil about 2 or 3 inches down. If the soil is dry here, it's time to water.
  • Red Rhododendron: You should water when the surface soil dries about 1 to 3 inches down. Once your Red is established, rainfall should suffice, but you'll want to water your young shrubs about once or twice weekly.
  • Titan Boxwood: Water the Titan deeply to ensure the roots are getting adequate moisture (generally one or two waterings per week will suffice). Once it has established in your garden, it will need a weekly watering during periods of drought or extreme heat.

3. Pruning: 

  • Fat Albert Spruce: Pruning isn't necessary for this naturally graceful grower, although you can prune to remove dead or damaged branches and shape as needed.
  • Red Rhododendron: Shear for shaping purposes in fall or early winter. You can remove dead and broken branches at any time of the year.
  • Titan Boxwood: Titan Boxwoods are slow growers, so if left unpruned, they will grow into neat tufts of green naturally. However, they can be pruned into any shape - pruning should be done after the last frost for the season so that no new growth is damaged by frost.

4. Fertilizing: 

  • Fat Albert Spruce: Your Colorado Blue Spruce should not need any extra fertilizer, but you can feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in spring.
  • Red Rhododendron: Feed with a well-balanced fertilizer after your shrub's blooms have dropped.
  • Titan Boxwood: Apply a balanced shrub fertilizer formula such as 10-10-10 in spring, before new growth emerges for your Titan.

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Product Details

Sunlight: Full-Partial
Growth Rate: Slow-to-Moderate
Botanical Name: Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'; Cornus sericea; Buxus Sinica; Rhododendron x Nova Zembla
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: 4-8 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
4-8 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 4-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉)

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