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Blooming Trees: Early Florals for Spring

Blooming Trees: Early Florals for Spring

Perfect for early spring, blooming trees boast colorful buds that will soon blossom into vibrant spring flowers.

These colorful trees serve as a reminder that spring is coming fast, and we will have bright gardens again before we know it. In honor of the upcoming season, we decided to think outside the garden. We’ve put together a list of unique flowering trees that are among the first to bloom.

The Rising Sun Redbud

Once it warms up, Rising Sun Redbuds erupt with thousands of fuchsia blooms that attract attention to their bright hues. Butterflies, bees, and spectators all want a closer look at these shining blooms. The flowers are the first sign of spring and erase the gloomy browns from winter.


Rising Sun Redbuds are famous for their flowers, but they also have beautiful foliage. New leaves start off yellow before gaining a red tint and turning green. The mix of yellows, reds and greens look like a beautiful sunrise in the landscape.

Plus, the colorful show doesn’t end there. In the fall, the leaves turn a bright shade of orange! With the Rising Sun Redbud, you get a colorful show that starts very early in the season and lasts for months.

The Jane Magnolia

While large white blossoms, pure as snow, have elegant beauty that charms the landscape, spring is a time for pastels. This is where the Jane Magnolia comes in.

Jane Magnolias have large, pink blossoms that are purple to pink on the outside and white on the inside for a dazzling multicolor display. The blooms shimmer in the landscape and attract a lot of attention from friends and neighbors who are often awestruck by the Jane Magnolia’s beauty.

The flowers have a sweet scent that drifts through the landscape, inviting those who smell it to relax and marvel in the beauty and warmth that comes with blooming trees.

The Butterfly Magnolia

The Butterfly Magnolia has bright yellow blooms you’ll love. The blooms glow and light up the landscape, effortlessly.

Magnolia Blooms

Butterfly Magnolias have blooms that sit vertically on top of branches, so they look like butterfly wings and give this iconic magnolia variety its name. Its unique color and elegance make it one of the most desired types of blooming trees.

The canary yellow blossoms have an alluring fragrance that floats in the countryside, inviting onlookers to enjoy the sweet flowery perfume. Your neighbors will stop by again and again to linger at the Butterfly Magnolias stunning blossoms and rich smell.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees stand out with their unique yet familiar flowers that have four petals. They have a simple, elegant beauty to them that people can’t get enough of. Dogwoods are so beautiful that they’re often celebrated with festivals and parades. Once Dogwoods are blooming in the early spring, the excitement can’t be stopped!

For example, there is barely a wait for blossoms on the Celestial Shadow Dogwood. From a distance, one of the most popular blooming trees may look like it’s covered in one last dusting of snow.

Dogwood Trees

However, keep in mind that the colorful show doesn’t stop with the flowers, because Celestial Shadow Dogwoods have unique variegated leaves. They are light yellow around the edges and dark green in the center, while most dogwoods have solid green leaves.

When fall comes back around, the variegated leaves will turn a vibrant shade of purple, which is rarely seen on trees. The common fall colors like reds, oranges, and yellows will move over the Celestial Shadow Dogwood’s purple leaves. With the flowers and colorful leaves, you’ll have colors for months, causing your yard to be the most popular one in the neighborhood.


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