Fast Growing Fruit Trees: A Permanent Solution to World Hunger

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Many attempts have been made to end world hunger. We have given money, food, and shelter to malnourished countries. To date, our attempts seem to be useless when there are still 36 millions of people dying from hunger every single year, a majority of this number being children.

Seeing that our past attempts aren’t working quickly enough, we should consider approaching world hunger from a different angle. We need a quick and simple solution, making fast growing fruit trees an excellent option to explore.

How planting fruit trees can end world hunger

There are a variety of fast growing trees that are packed with a variety of nutritional benefits. Fruit trees can produce hundreds of servings of fruit in a season, and each fruit grown is 100% organic. By planting fast growing apple trees in areas where they need it the most, they will be providing the community with a resource for food.

Areas like Africa, South America, and parts of India are in dire need of food. Their populations are slowly dwindling because of starvation. Children are left lying on the ground because there is no way to nourish them, and nourishment is exactly what these fast growing fruit trees can offer them.

These fruit trees can reverse this situation, not once but repeatedly and increasingly as each new harvest is more abundant. Ending world hunger in all areas of the world is possible with fast growing trees that bear so many essentials for promoting health in every single bite.

Fast growing fruit trees can do more than end world hunger.

Not only are these fast growing trees useful for of the nourishment of fruits that they provide, but will also the crucial shade for people in these stricken communities. The scorching heat in these areas can be unbearable for the inhabitants. Not only do the people have to worry about endless hunger, they also have to worry about dying from heat stroke. Fast growing fruit trees can make a difference in all countries stricken by world hunger.

As fellow humans in a global society, it is our job to help these neighboring countries with the conditions that they are suffering from. By providing them with fast growing fruit trees, we can help speed up the process of ending world hunger, and restoring their community.

You see, money is quickly spent and gone. The food that is sent is a single use provision. With fast growing fruit trees, our gift from humanity to our like kind will continue to produce a source for ending world hunger.

Instead of delivering an expensive Band-Aid, fast growing fruit trees are a renewable solution for shelter and food.