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Give Tree Gifts and Be an Environment-Savvy Santa

Year after year, finding the perfect holiday gifts is getting even tougher. This holiday, make gift giving a thoughtful idea with a fast growing tree! In the spirit of holiday giving, finding the perfect gift only gets even tougher. Bountiful Christmas scenes of beautifully packaged presents, evergreens and lights entice the eyes of everyone. We often consume extra resources during this time of the year.

This consumerism trend brings conflicting issues– a time to be merry and a time to worry. 

This holiday, choose a gift that would leave your loved ones and the world feeling happy. Give them tree gifts. Show your family and friends how much you care for the environment. Make gift giving a thoughtful idea with a worthwhile cause.

  Your Gifts Increase Carbon Footprint
According to the survey by The Statistics Portal. Americans, on average are spending 83% of their holiday budget on gifts alone and this year, 38% of the U.S. consumers are planning to buy tablet as gift.  As the severity of this trend increases, the annual trash from gift-wraps and shopping bags totals to about 4 million times.

For a while, majority of the world population lived in cities, consume more than the regular energy and travel more during holidays. Little did they know, they depended on trees more than ever. As more people travel, spend and consume more than the usual, carbon footprint or the total greenhouse emissions far exceeds the world capacity. In an online article “What Country Have The Biggest Carbon Footprint?” United States ranked second as the largest carbon footprint, following China.

Experts are scuttling to measure the situation and predict how serious its effects can be. Previous data and analysis clearly position that nature’s threshold has been crossed, grounding susceptible world disaster to unprecedented levels with unprecedented speed.

Shop With The Environment In Mind
Notably, a lot of people now are into green living and the issue of sustainability has been brought to the lime light of world schema. Shoppers are gearing towards green living and sustainability is considered to be the dominant driver of consumer merchandise.  In a 2009 study conducted by Deloitte, they found out that 54% of interview shoppers consider sustainability to be the driver of their decision making and that they are ‘leaning more to green.”

This involves learning how a product, in any way, affect the environment – from the materials used in the production, its composition and its actual use. Most people have already learned to buy products that help conserve natural resources, save energy and prevent waste. The study also discovered that online shopping has become the number one choice for shoppers in U.S during holidays since 2009. Less travel for each household would mean less carbon footprint.

With this trend, the unenthusiastic issue of gift-giving may actually be beneficial to the environment. The question remains, “How do we confront the dichotomy between the true meaning of Christmas and our learned behavioral norms?”

A Gift That Gets Better Over Time
Giving memorable gift by making a surprise box has been a tradition during holidays, especially on a Christmas Eve. Since a lot of people now are into green living and that finding great gift ideas have been one of your merry impending decisions, giving your loved ones boxed trees will be the perfect gift idea this holiday. A living tree in a box signifies the future and promise of tomorrow. This time, don’t give them flowers, give them beautifully packaged trees and let them grow their own. Remind how trees are important to the world.  Remind them that the future is something to be celebrated.

If you’re worrying about the tree types suitable for winter season, put Japanese Maple Tree on your list. This tree, imbued with reddish-pink color, is a must have for any garden and is suitable for any season. Another character tree that is perfect for gift this holiday is the Colorado Blue Spruce. With its rich silvery blue color, this tree is something that would make an excellent landscape variety. It is also extremely adaptable to a variety of conditions. Rather, if you want to be a little more romantic than ever, then Knockout Rose Tree is the perfect choice. When it blooms, it will give you dreamy rose colors with no maintenance needed. With simple winter fertilizing tips, your boxed trees will certainly reach its maximum growth during its season.

Gift-giving has been one of the Christmas blueprints. It has become our way to show appreciation, gratitude, love and our way to strengthen bonds with others. By giving tree gifts, you don’t just let somebody see their worth but their aptitude to take part in the world recovery.

While you can imagine your loved ones running to the Christmas tree to see what their secret Santa left, imagine the trees raising its hand to reach the sky instead. Imagine it growing happy green. It changes its clothes in its sorrow and goes bald in its rebellion. Sometimes, it dreams of walking like mermaids dream of feet. Let the trees be of importance this holiday.

Make a better choice and go beyond just giving presents this Christmas.

Send your loved ones tree gifts  and make them feel happy while being environmentally aware.