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Increase the Value of Your Home with New Hybrid Trees

We all know that the real estate market was the hardest hit by the recession. For home builders, this situation has been financially crippling. As they try to recuperate slowly, new ideologies are being created by home builders to make their properties more marketable.

YoshinoLake220By using different varieties of fast growing trees, the curb appeal of a new home skyrockets. To clue you in on how builders are raising property values, they are now planting fast growing trees includingThuja Giant for privacy hedges, improved maple varieties like Autumn Blaze Maple, or incredible flowering trees like the Yoshino Cherry Tree (pictured to the right).

Home builders know just how important beautiful landscaping and large trees are for selling a house faster on today’s market. That’s why they are insisting that the easy to grow, incredibly beautiful Autumn Blaze Maple Trees are planted at the curb.

They want fast shade and height and they demand that fast growing trees be near the house in the landscape design. All new home buyers seek privacy and those Thuja Trees that grow incredible 4-feet a year are just the ticket for privacy hedges.

89622591.y3BT17rA.FrankfortKnockoutscopy_01For constant color, builders want the improved Crimson King Maple Trees and continually blooming Double Knockout Roses, because beautiful color is just as important to curb appeal as fast growing trees. Just like home builders, homeowners who want their home ready to sell at any time. And they aren’t going to want the landscaping be the reason it won’t sell in this slow market.

Even if you aren’t ready to sell right now, fast growing trees and simple to grow Knockout Roses planted now will let you rest easy. You never know when you may have to list and sell that house in a hurry.

Trees can raise the value on a property more than 10% according to the US Federal Service. In this case, fast growing trees are a great solution to a depreciating house. Global warming concerns have contributed positively in the housing and property market.

As a result, the public has learnt more about the value of fast growing trees in carbon reduction in the atmosphere and adornment purposes which are the selling points in a myriad of others.


As a gardener and plant enthusiast I’ve loved growing trees and shrubs my entire life. Unknown to most, there are always new faster fruiting and double blooming plant hybrids emerging on the scene. I often feel the need to share my plant knowledge and new trends with the growing gardening community through my blog!