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Home Improvement with Fast Growing Trees

Are You Getting Inferior Trees From the Home Improvement Stores?

DSC05155Home improvement stores are guilty of selling you trees simply because they are well known. It doesn’t matter to them if they are susceptible to insects, diseases, or irreparable damages.

In fact, these inferior trees keep you coming back to the same store to buy pesticides, deer repellent, and other chemicals just to keep it alive.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery carries trees that don’t need expensive chemical treatment, because we know you want to enjoy your weekends… and not spend them spraying down your trees.

Our large selection of the newest tree cultivars has been specifically bred to give you fast growth, disease resistance, and hardiness.

The Thuja Green Giant is our fastest growing evergreen tree, growing up to 3-5 ft. per year once established. These evergreens are disease and insect resistant, so you can spend your weekends enjoying your trees, not spraying chemicals. Simply plant approximately 5 feet apart, stand back, and watch these trees grow into a uniform privacy screen.

As a gardener and plant enthusiast I’ve loved growing trees and shrubs my entire life. Unknown to most, there are always new faster fruiting and double blooming plant hybrids emerging on the scene. I often feel the need to share my plant knowledge and new trends with the growing gardening community through my blog!