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Avoid These 5 Evergreen Trees

For the Biggest Difference in your Landscape, Plant Disease-Resistant Evergreens

Most homeowners are neither trained arborists nor landscape professionals. Therefore, they are constantly seeking to plant trees that require little maintenance while presenting a great degree of probability for success.

ThujaGreenGiantEveryone loves evergreen trees. After all, we annually bring one indoors to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Although we do go all out to decorate and enhance the look of the evergreen, usually a fir or spruce, we also seek to plant evergreens to enhance the look of our yards.

But, unless we choose wisely, we may find ourselves in quite a labor intensive situation once planted or the landscaper has long gone away. There are quite a few landscape evergreens that are beautiful and present little, if any, need for homeowner maintenance. There are some species that although they are popular choices selected by professional landscape architects throughout the country, might require more maintenance than others or greater care if exposed to tree diseases.

Some can appear to be incredibly drought and cold resistant while falling prey to parasites that can wreak havoc from disfiguring or weakening a tree to outright killing it. Some evergreen trees do better in warmer climates and may be a big disappointment when planted in temperate areas that might at some point suffer a harsh winter freeze that usually does not occur.

WillowHybridSome of the trees to avoid include the White Pine, Southern Magnolia, any Hemlock, and Australian Pine. You might want to reconsider your plans not to include these in any yard landscaping design.

When you really want to plant an evergreen tree, be wise and choose fast growing trees that are easy to grow and proven to be very resistant to pests and disease. There are trees you can plant that will adapt to most soils and still be almost maintenance-free.

One such tree to consider that grows extremely quickly is the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen. At, we have the correct choices for you to select and all the information you need when choosing evergreen trees that satisfy your landscaping needs without all the outdated hassles.