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The Pomegranate is an Amazing Fruit, Here’s Why

Every December seasonal fruit that’s associated with the holidays hit the shelves. People may get late in the season apples like Granny Smith or Pink Lady Apples in their stockings along with fresh oranges and clementines. Also, people make amazing holiday dishes with cranberries and figs! One amazing exotic fruit that also hits the shelves […]


The Miracle Berry Plant. Haven’t You Heard About It?

What if we told you there’s something you can eat in order to make foods taste very sweet? This something will make sour lemons and vegetables taste like sweet candy. Then, what if we told you that you can easily grow this something in your own home, because it’s the prefect house plant? Believe it […]


Plant These and Never Go Hungry

The winter normally isn’t viewed as the best season for picking fresh fruit. Leaves have fallen off of trees, and the warm weather has turned cold. Also, people can be a little preoccupied with preparing for the holidays, and they often become too busy to gather fresh fruit. However, winter doesn’t have to be a […]


Clementine Facts and Care Tips

Every December you probably notice Christmas trees and lights going up everywhere, all over your neighborhood and on the inside of every store. You also probably notice citrus hitting the shelves of super markets at low prices. This is because winter is citrus season, so there’s an abundance of fresh oranges, lemons, and limes. One […]


Introducing Our Top Four Fruits With The Most Vitamin C

As sniffle season falls upon us you may find yourself circling the citrus isles looking for oranges to boost your vitamin C intake. If you don’t find yourself in the citrus isles you may find yourself looking at supplements so you can get yourself a large bottle of chalky vitamin tablets. Whether you’ve had your flu […]

banch of red currant

The American Cranberry Bush

Cranberries are popular berries that are available all year in muffins and granola bars. You can have them fresh, frozen, or dried. However, for a majority of people cranberries are a seasonal delicacy that they can’t live without, especially at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. A few people may have only had cranberries from a […]


Thuja Green Giants: The Facts and More

  When we say Green Giant we’re not referring to the Jolly Green Giant mascot associated with canned and frozen vegetables. We’re referring to the Thuja Green Giant. You can’t have ‘giant’ in the name of a plant that doesn’t get massive, so this tree lives up to its name. Quickly growing to heights of […]


Bare Root: Facts Exposed

With chilly temperatures upon us, and plants starting to look barer with little to no leaves left, we’re starting to bundle up and stay inside more often. As we often times want to sleep a little more in the winter a few plants take it a step further and go into dormancy – meaning they […]


8 Quick Tips for Avocados

Avocados are a super fruit that’s on the rise. More and more recipes are using them. You can use them for salads, sandwiches and dips like guacamole. Avocados can even be used in breakfast dishes or desserts. With all of these new avocado trends- to keep up with buying enough avocados can be expensive. Luckily […]


The Facts About Sedum Tiles

Early November is an excellent time. Colorful fall leaves are still on a few trees and old man winter has started to show his face. Halloween has passed but people are still into dressing up. This is when Renaissance fairs come into play. You can go eat well, jest while people are in costumes, and […]