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These Top Maple Varieties Provide The Fall Color You Need

Fall is right around the corner, and we can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air. While people are prepping for sweater weather and football season to start they’re also getting pretty excited for vibrant fall colors.  Most of the brightest fall colors come from maple trees which display bright shades of yellow, orange […]


Afraid to Plant Bamboo? These varieties Aren’t invasive.

Most people already know that bamboo is a beautiful, exotic plant that comes in a variety of colors to brighten up the landscape. However, bamboo is also associated with being an invasive plant that can quickly take over an area. Today we are setting out to spread the facts about bamboo that people don’t know. […]


Japanese Maples: So Many Awesome Colorful Varieties To Choose From

Japanese Maples are some of the most brilliant trees to add to your landscape when vibrant colors are desired and the colors aren’t limited to only shades of red. When it comes to Japanese Maples most people think of the classic upright Japanese Maple tree with a silvery-grey trunk and dark burgundy leaves. However, there is a […]


Thuja VS Leyland – 3…2…1… FIGHT!

What do people want? Privacy! When do they want it? Now! There are a lot of options to plant as far as evergreen trees that can be used as a natural privacy barrier. Privacy trees are living fences that keeps wandering eyes away from homes and yards. Once planted a few privacy trees can grow […]


Apple Trees: Small Harvests Aren’t Possible With These Tips

Apple trees were some of the first fruit tree varieties that settlers brought with them to America in the 1700’s. Since then they have exploded with popularity and luckily they are available for months. Different apple varieties have fruit ready to be harvested from early June to late October, allowing super markets to keep their […]


Our commitment to quality includes biodegradable grow bags

Here at Fast-Growing-Trees we have a commitment to quality, and part of that commitment includes carefully packaging and shipping plants so they arrive in excellent condition, ready to be planted. With our large variety of plants, big and small we have a few different methods of packaging. Most of our items arrive in the classic […]


Tea Plants are Cold Hardy and Easy to Grow

What is the most popular drink in the world? Most people would assume that it’s Coca-cola, but in reality the most popular drink in the world comes from a plant that can be easily grown at home indoors or out. This plant I’m referring to is the Tea Plant, which has spread for centuries all […]


Medium Sized Privacy Trees To Block Nosey Neighbors

Everyone wants privacy from their nosey neighbors, this is why evergreen trees that grow closely together to form a hedge row that can’t be infiltrated are starting to spring up all over most neighborhoods. Not only do they block your neighbor’s line of sight from your windows, they also absorb loud noise and provide a […]


Tropical Fruit: Grow These Refreshing Varieties

By now everyone can tell that it’s pretty hot outside. How do you get relief from the summer heat? Do you take a quick dip in the pool, or enjoy the nap in the shade in a comfy hammock? What about eating a piece of juicy tropical fruit? Mangos, bananas, lemons and more are the […]


Crape Myrtles: You won’t Believe These Different Varieties

Our area is starting to look really magnificent due to the show put on by the summer blooming plants that are finally starting to show off their beauty, especially Crape Myrtles. They’re often mistaken for spring blooming trees, but they’re worth the wait, because once they start blooming in the summer they don’t stop until […]

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