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11 Reasons To Care About Cara Cara Oranges

Are you eating citrus fruits? Well if not, you should be! Citrus season is here! It’s the time of the year when oranges, tangerines, clementine’s, and more taste the juiciest, sweetest, and best, because they are being harvested fresh. While it’s exciting to see the grocery store shelves fill up with bright and sunny citrus […]


Frame Entryways With These Unique Evergreens

Beautiful homes generally aren’t considered beautiful based off of their exterior appearances alone, even if they have unique architecture. It’s actually the landscaping around the homes that draw the eye. Landscaping can create the difference between making a home look just okay or elegant and attractive.   One way to give your home an immediate […]


Winter Wonderlands Are Possible With These Evergreens

January is an interesting time of the year when the days start to grow longer again and most people start returning to their outdoor activities even though it can be quite cold with freezing winter weather. Evergreen trees which keep their green, full-bodied foliage all year help encourage people to get back to their outdoorsy […]


Plant Hybrids: All Natural, Unique Fruit Creations

Doesn’t it seem like every time you walk into a grocery store there are new types of fruit on the shelves? Often times there are new apple, citrus, banana varieties and more popping up that you don’t recall growing up with. That’s because new hybrid fruit varieties are constantly being created and emerging in the […]


Avocados are shockingly easy to grow at home

Avocado Trees are tropical plants grown in lands far far away like Mexico and Central America, where the climates are hot. However, you don’t have to get your irresistible fruit from exotic lands because avocado trees are perfect for growing in containers. Grow your own avocados indoors, right in your favorite room. How To Care […]


Orange You Glad Winter Is The Best Time To Harvest Citrus Fruit?

The days are getting longer and it’s time to brighten up the season with some bright, sunny oranges. The shortest days of winter, and the snack filled holiday season have passed. Now it’s time for new years resolutions and health and fitness goals. Luckily this is when most citrus trees have fresh fruit ready to […]


How To Keep Your Green Thumb Active This Winter

As the winter solstice falls upon us and fall officially turns into winter the hustle bustle, for the holidays and keeping warm can cause people to either forget about their garden or keep it in their back of their minds. Wondering when the best time to plant something new will be during the upcoming spring. […]


Small Medium and Large Christmas Trees Are Waiting To Be Put Up

It’s crunch time, the holidays are approaching faster than expected, and many people still have a lot of stuff to get done. They need to finish their gift shopping, and decorate their homes still. If you’re in a holiday rush, and don’t even know where to begin decorating, step back and relax by checking out […]


Use Houseplants To Combat Your Stuffy Air

Wow, it’s chilly! Temperatures are dropping and it is getting darker earlier and earlier. This causes people to stay inside more. During the winter and holiday season with the heat running and family and friends coming over and spending time indoors, the air can get stuffy and stale quick. Luckily stale air is easy to […]


Amaryllises Carry Out Traditional Holiday Blooms

Now that the turkey has been carved, we can officially get in the holiday spirit, and we can’t think of a better way to do so than by growing amaryllis bulbs. Traditionally amaryllis bulbs are planted both indoors and out around Thanksgiving in order to have large, vibrant blooms by Christmas. Their luminous shades of […]

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