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The Top Holiday Fruiting Plants To Have on Hand

The holiday season is here, are you ready to cook the perfect meal to impress your family and friends? While it’s great to go to a relative’s home to enjoy a home cooked meal, it is even better to cook a one of a kind dish that everyone compliments and wants second servings of. You […]


5 Unique Yellow Fall Color Plants

Fall is known for filling the landscape with beautiful seasonal colors. Our eyes easily become lost in seas of reds and oranges, until bright yellow foliage captures our full attention. Golden yellow hues pop out against dark back drops to shine brighter than the competition and to enlighten us. The color yellow promotes happiness, hope, […]


12 reasons proving Leyland Cypress Trees are best

One thing that we don’t take for granted is our privacy. There is nothing like relaxing in your own home or yard without pesky neighbors peering in to see what you’re up to. Privacy trees can be planted in order to create a living barrier to block your neighbor’s line of sight to give you […]


Bonsai Trees Provide Unique Beauty and Zen

Many gardeners find their hobby of routine maintenance and planting in their yards in order to achieve beauty in their landscape to be extremely relaxing. There is something about being outdoors in the fresh air, working with your hands that clears the mind and enriches the soul. However, what if the weather is bad and […]


Chill Hours: How many do your plants need?

When it’s cold out we miss our favorite pair of shorts, while we bundle up in insulated winter wear from head to toe. We may not like it when it’s cold out, but we relax knowing that winter is an important time of year for plants. Cooler temperatures act as a reset button for fruit […]


Autumn Blaze Maples: 15 Reasons Why They Are Best

Think back to your favorite street. We are willing to bet that it was lined with large, mature shade trees giving yards a beautiful and charming feel as sunlight weaved through their lush green canopies and large weaving branches. In the fall the leaves would turn brilliant shades of yellow, red, and orange before dropping. […]


Winter Protection For Evergreens

As temperatures drop and it starts to frost in the fall we watch pretty deciduous trees display stunning fall colors before their leaves drop. When this happens plants and trees stop their processes like photosynthesis in order to go to sleep during the winter. However, evergreens keep their amazing color all year as well as continue […]


Figs: Learn the Secrets to Large Harvests

The Fig harvest season is in full swing, and this is great news because the sweet rich flavor of figs, combined with their soft pulp and crunchy seeds make for an irresistible treat that can’t be manufactured. Figs come from nature and ripen to have an all-natural, organic flavor that’s full of nutritional benefits. However, […]


How to Transition Tropical Plants Indoors

It’s getting chilly outside, have you busted your coats and sweaters out of storage? Not only do we get cold but so do our plants! As temperatures drop down into the 50-degree range and below they signal that it’s time to move tropical plants indoors for the colder months. By following the simple steps below […]


Space Saving Fall Color

Leaves are starting to turn bright shades of red, orange and yellow to put on a beautiful display of fall colors. Landscapes are dazzling with bright, fiery colors due to large trees like oaks and maples that reach anywhere between 30 to over 50 feet tall. Their huge sizes can make them difficult to plant […]

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