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Get Figgy With it

What do you think about when you hear the word “fig”? The most common answer is probably the popular snack, Fig Newtons which are pretty interesting cookies that excite the masses. Up until a few months ago figs felt pretty foreign to me. I’ve always wondered what exactly figgy pudding is, and if it actually contains […]

Fir-tree #2

Winter Protection For Your Plants

We know that it’s definitely getting cold now! We’ve had to turn the heat on down here in South Carolina. If we need the heat on down here already, then I can’t even imagine what temperatures are up North right now! With temperatures dropping fast my Cold Hardy Avocado Tree was officially relocated indoors for the winter. Although, I […]


Top Winter Hardy Trees

How’s your weather? Is it getting chilly? Are you starting to notice that your shirt sleeves are getting longer and thicker? It’s that time of year when temperatures start to noticeably drop from “Oh, it’s nice outside,” to “Oh my gosh, it’s cold outside!” I’m sure you’ve started to notice people busting out the flannel, […]

Malus domestica

Grow $5,000 Worth of Fruit in a Small Area

A common misconception about growing fruit is that the tree or plant will take up a lot of space. People in apartments or with small back yards often think that they don’t have enough room for plants. Sometimes people with larger backyards don’t want a lot of space taken up either! They want room for their […]


Hardwoods, Softwoods, and Conifers, Oh My!

On a daily bases I find myself either learning new things about plants, or helping others learn by answering their questions. Sometimes by simply telling them something interesting about a plant that we pass nearby. For example, while attending a wedding recently, I pointed out beautiful Italian Cypress trees lining the venue, which are noted […]

Coffea arabica

The Coffee Plant – Beans, blooms, Fragrance, and More!

Coffee is a word that grabs people’s attention like no other. Why is the word so alluring? Probably because it makes people think about the gift of the world’s best caffeinated beverage that can be served warm or cold. Caffeinated teas just can’t compete. Some people just don’t get it. They wonder what can possibly […]


Survival Tip: Harvest Fruit 12 Months of the Year

Winter in the traditional sense as we know it, is a cold time. The leaves have fallen, and the ground is frozen. People huddle away and hide indoors to keep warm. I’m assuming that one of the last things on people’s minds is growing fresh fruit. I mean, I totally understand it. In the winter […]


The Top 5 Shrubs

When the majority of people think about planting they think about trees, flowers, or even vegetables. Shrubs are often over looked and forgotten. This is a huge injustice, because shrubs provide many benefits to homes and gardens. They can be used to form a privacy hedge, or accent your garden. Flowers will pop against their […]

Lemon on lemon-tree

All About the Meyer Lemon Tree

For a little while now I’ve been hearing about the Meyer Lemon Tree, and I haven’t given it much thought. My personal interests have been in fast growing trees like the Thuja or the Royal Empress Tree. However, as time passed I kept hearing things about this lemon tree. I would hear things like it […]


Fight Back Against Seasonal Allergies

By now fall is in full swing. The leaves are trading in their green hues for new fall colors, temperatures are dropping, and in some areas it’s raining more often. People are starting to bundle up, and wonder what they should be for Halloween. Also, leggings are coming out of storage. One thing that is […]