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Palm Trees: Big, Small and Cold Hardy

Once we get the first taste for summer we imagine the warmth of the hot sun, the feel of warmed sand on our feet, and the beautiful views of tropical palm trees. In fact, when people start thinking about taking a summer vacation palm trees are the first thing they think about, so much so […]


Double Knockout Roses: The Guide to Everything

For centuries roses have held symbolic meanings. The Greeks identified the rose with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and this was only the beginning of man’s love affair with these seductive flowers. All over the world roses are seen as symbols of love, friendship and compassion. Along with these symbolic meanings, there is also the […]


Blueberries: Secrets To Tons of Berries

Who doesn’t love blueberries? They have a variety of uses from eating fresh to baking into desserts like cobblers, breakfasts like muffins and scones, and healthy eating in salads and smoothies. There is a blueberry use for everyone! Best of all, blueberries are easy to grow. The plants don’t take up much space, and pump […]


Gardenias: Check Out These Care Tips

Gardenias are a romanticized flower of the South. They’re commonly seen in corsages during prom season, and used for beautiful floral displays during summer weddings. Gardenias are prized for their large creamy, white, fragrant blooms that last all summer. They’re perfect for growing in containers, and as hedges outdoors. However, they have a misleading reputation […]


Repel Mosquitoes Naturally With These Plants

It’s warming up, and it’s time to go outside. Shorts are making their way out of storage closets and winter coats are getting heavy and warm. The perfect time of the year to be outside is upon us. Get ready to prep the grills and host barbecues or family reunions. However, keep in mind that […]


Clearing the Air on Hybrids, GMOs and Our Commitment to Quality

As a small part of a global discussion, we want to set the record straight about what we do at Fast Growing Trees as it relates to hybrid plants, GMOs and ethical, sustainability—a very hot topic that can be confusing, and thus all the more deserving of a clear and accurate explanation. The last several […]


Dogwood Trees: History, Facts, and Growing Tips

Spring is in full swing! You know that saying, April showers bring May flowers! Well amidst our April showers there are early spring bloomers. Like Redbuds, the Jane Magnolia, and Cherry Blossom trees are looking and smelling great for example. There is one tree variety with large fragrant blooms that’s stealing the show. Dogwood Trees have […]


Sweet Cherries: Secrets to growing tons of Fruit

Temperatures are warming up, and we’re starting to see beautiful blooming flowers. Cherry trees have large prized blooms. They’re large and their colors range from white as cotton to dark pink. Flowering cherry trees are so beautiful that people will get them just for their ornamental value! However, fruiting cherry trees have beautiful flowers as […]


Privacy Trees: These 4 Grow the Fastest

As it warms up and the days seem to grow longer people start to spend more time outside. They don’t have to hide from the winter cold or early sunsets anymore! Once people return to their yards it’s a time of planning. Do they need to replace their grills, or patio furniture? Will they have […]


Why Aren’t You Growing These Super Fruits?

It’s a simple question really! We love these two easy to grow fruit trees, with amazing health benefits that can easily be grown in containers. These low maintenance fruit trees can almost be planted and forgotten, until they amaze you with beautiful flowers and an abundance of fruit. So, what are these plants exactly? What […]

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