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The Complete Hydrangea Guide for Months of Blooms

Nothing says summer like large clusters of bright Hydrangea blossoms that last for months. From the early spring until autumn, hydrangeas fill our landscapes with vibrant color. Enjoying their flowers comes naturally to us because native species of hydrangeas in North America and Europe dating back to around 60 million years ago, before the arrival […]


These Drought Tolerant Plants Beat the Heat

Hot hot hot! Summer temperatures are here. Many areas across the nation are experiencing temperatures around 100 degrees, along with prolonged dry periods. This is great for days by the pool or out on the lake, but what about your garden? It is often easy to assume that the conditions in arid climates are too […]


The All Inclusive Guide To Blooming Azaleas

Every year in the late spring and early summer bright azalea and rhododendron bushes catch our eyes with their elegant beauty. They can be easily spotted in the landscape with their large vibrant blossoms that stand out with vivid shades of white, red, pink, purple and even orange. While they are extremely popular in the […]


Crape Myrtles: Quick solutions to common garden problems

Many people flock to crape myrtles because they are low maintenance trees that flower for months. While other flowering tree varieties bloom for brief periods in the spring, Crape Myrtles have blooms that last all summer. Their blooms, fall foliage and attractive peeling bark provide year round interest in the landscape. Plus, Crape Myrtles are […]


These Top Fastest Growing Trees Will Add Instant Beauty To Your Landscape

Adding trees to your landscape can bring about fresher air, privacy, and shade to relax under, all while increasing your property value. It’s no secret that a beautiful landscape can increase the value of a home while benefiting the neighborhood with vibrant green hues for everyone to enjoy. However, if you get a slow growing […]


Banana Trees: These key tips lead to tons of fruit

You know what really makes us go bananas? Bananas! Their vibrant yellow peels attract our attention and their sweet creamy flesh is irresistible for snacking. Some of the most popular summer time desserts like banana pudding and ice cream sundaes include bananas, but did you know that while complimenting sweet treats bananas are filled with […]


Everything you need to know for tons Strawberries

Summer isn’t complete without indulging in fresh, sweet strawberries, especially when they are grown at home. In fact, strawberries are so exciting during the summer that many places have festivals dedicated to them. However, why grow your own strawberries at home? Homegrown Strawberries Are Better Grocery stores pack their shelves with strawberries all summer long, […]


How To Safely Transition Meyer Lemon Trees Outdoors

Spring officially starts this month on the 20th, meaning longer days, warmer temperatures and bright blooms! Once the temperatures start to warm up people love getting outside to get some color and to be with nature and so do potted, indoor plants. The Meyer Lemon Tree is one of the best trees to grow indoors […]


Unique Early Blooming Trees For Spring

While taking a walk around the block last weekend with temperatures much warmer than they have been recently, I started to notice bursts of color in the winter landscape. Early spring blooming trees have been spotted, forming colorful buds that will soon blossom into vibrant spring flowers! These colorful trees serve as a reminder that […]


Emeralds Vs Green Giants: Dueling Thujas Competing For Your Garden

When shopping for an evergreen it’s always a good idea to research all of the different varieties to discover what will grow best in your area based upon its growing zone, drought tolerance, disease resistance, care requirements, unique look and more. While it may not seem like there could be much of a difference between […]

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