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Zone 10

Ponytail Palm
Growing Zones: 9-11 outdoors
•  Lush, tropical look
•  Loves growing in containers
•  Very low maintenance

Chinese Pistache Tree
Growing Zones: 6-10 outdoors
•  Vibrant fall color
•  Great for urban areas
•  A beautiful shade tree

Yerba Mate
Growing Zones: 9-11 outdoors
•  Provides more energy than coffee
•  Thrives indoors
•  Fragrant blooms

Variegated Aucuba
Growing Zones: 6-10
•  Dwarf evergreen shrub
•  Yellow speckled leaves
•  Drought & disease resistant

Yucca 'Color Guard'
Growing Zones: 4-10 outdoors
•  Grows in dry, sandy soils
•  Cold hardy
•  Beautiful, flowering groundcover plant

Aloe Vera
Growing Zones: 9-11 outdoors
•  Thrives indoors
•  Attractive lush leaves
•  Contains soothing aloe vera gel

ZZ Plant
Growing Zones: 9-11 outdoors
•  Thrives indoors
•  Cleans the air
•  Low maintenance

The Best Trees for Planting in Zone 10

Other outstanding tropical tree choices will include specimens that are highly adaptable to tropical climate conditions, demonstrating drought-resistance as well as mildew, insect and disease resistance.

Look for types of trees that are fast growing, hardy, and are perhaps even native trees such as dogwood trees. For shade from that bright sun, we suggest oak trees, ash trees, or tulip poplar trees. You could even try our fastest growing shade trees, the Royal Empress Trees.

An excellent landscaping tree is the weeping willow, lovely when planted at water’s edge shade tree. Top it all off with flowering trees that grow well in Florida. You can find some of the best trees for Zone 10 with Fast Growing Trees Nursery.