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Winter Citrus Care Tips

Citrus trees are very vulnerable during the winter season and will need a little help. Taking care of your citrus trees throughout the winter means that you will have healthy trees that will produce a hearty yield of fruit once the growing season begins. Here are some tips to help you:

Trees that are well fertilized during the winter will remain healthy and will be more resistant to damage from the cold weather.

Take care of any aphids or scale on the trunk with a blast of neem or insecticidal soap.


Do not prune until late winter. This will prevent the branch stubs from damage from the frost or falling prey to disease.

Frost protection

Ensure plants, whether in the ground or containers, are well watered. This is important because if the soil is dry when it freezes, it will draw moisture from the tree's roots and will damage them. You can further protect your citrus trees from the frost by hanging Christmas lights in their branches or placing landscape lighting at the base of the trunk. When temperatures get really low, you can also use a frost blanket. This should be used with a frame so that the material does not crush the foliage.


This is another good method for protecting your citrus trees from the cold weather, especially if your trees are younger than four years. Use clean soil to bank up the tree's trunk to a height of around 15 inches. This will provide excellent insulation with up to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit of protection. Soil also absorbs sunlight. The best time to bank your trees is during the late fall before the first frost. Once the last frost has passed in the spring, you can remove the banking.