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Lowest Wholesale Prices Available on Thousands of Trees

Have a Large Planting Project? Or Need Wholesale Plants to Resell?

Fast Growing Trees Wholesale Nursery offers unbeatable discounts for anyone looking for large quantities of wholesale trees. Choose from wholesale evergreen trees, wholesale fruit trees, wholesale thuja green giants, shrubs and other plants.

Lowest Wholesale Prices
We make sure that you get the best price possible from our network of nationwide nurseries. We can ship direct from our farms... eliminating brokers.

We supply over 2,561 different varieties of trees, shrubs and plants... all at the lowest wholesale prices. All of our stock is of the highest quality and carefully packaged and shipped.

Whether you’re looking for a minimum of 100 trees or as many as 100,000, let our tree and plant experts help you find the best products for your area at the best price.

Visit our Contact Us page or call 704-805-4989. We offer unbeatable prices on your trees, including wholesale leyland cypress, wholesale holly trees and wholesale italian cypress trees.

Call Us Now for Prices and Availability 704-805-4989