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Thuja Green Giant

An Attractive Alternative To Regular Fences

Thuja Green GiantAre you tired of a dull, brown privacy fence? If so, a row of evergreens such as the Thuja Green Giant makes an attractive alternative.

- With just a fence, you only get a physical barrier (and an unattractive one at that).

- With Thuja Giants, you get a lush, living green wall that is easy to maintain. No need to paint or repair.

- A uniform row of Thuja Green Giants not only looks better, but can cost thousands of dollars less than a conventional fence.

Thuja Giants are bred to give you hardiness, faster growth, and disease & insect resistance. They are tough trees that won't get damaged by ice or snow.

Be the first in your neighborhood to do away with the monotony of a brown fence. Plant a beautiful row of Thuja Green Giant Evergreens today instead.

The Thuja Green Giant is one of our fastest growing evergreen trees and the Empress tree is our fastest growing shade tree. You can find these and forty other fast growing varieties at

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