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Rabbiteye Blueberry Grows great in containers

Rabbiteye Blueberry

Rabbiteye Blueberry

Rabbiteye Blueberry

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So many deliciously sweet blueberries on every bush! Rabbiteye Blueberry bushes give you bushels of healthy berries every summer! Great for snacks & desserts.

*images shown are of mature plants

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Rabbiteye Blueberry

Grow Your Own Healthy Berries!


The heights we list are after we prune your tree.

Many Nurseries advertise heights before they prune, then cut off several feet before shipping. While this reduces their shipping cost, it gives their customer a shorter tree than they bargained for. The tree will likely need an extra year to grow back and to produce fruit.

We prune your tree throughout its life. This process takes us longer, but gives you more branches and quicker production.

Plus, we don't include the pot or root length in our measurements. This gives you an extra 1-2 ft. in tree size.

Our larger trees are usually one to two years older than our smaller ones and will typically give you results the first full season.

2-3 ft.

Ships Tomorrow
Tue, Jul 29
List: $53.95
Sale: $32.37
6 at $30.75 ea.

The heights we list are after we prune your tree.

Many Nurseries advertise heights before they prune, then cut off several feet before shipping. While this reduces their shipping cost, it gives their customer a shorter tree than they bargained for. The tree will likely need an extra year to grow back and to produce fruit.

We prune your tree throughout its life. This process takes us longer, but gives you more branches and quicker production.

Plus, we don't include the pot or root length in our measurements. This gives you an extra 1-2 ft. in tree size.

Our larger trees are usually one to two years older than our smaller ones and will typically give you results the first full season.

1-2 ft.

Ships Tomorrow
Tue, Jul 29
List: $39.95
Sale: $23.97
6 at $22.77 ea.
Planting Mix for Blueberry Bushes
Planting Mix

Helps your Rabbiteye Blueberry get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Specially developed for plants that need a low pH. Here's how:

Mycorrhizal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Course Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels for acid loving plants. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Soil Contents
Sale: $9.35
Bird Netting
Bird Netting

Protect your investment from wildlife damage. This netting will prevent birds and other small wildlife from eating your fruits and berries before they are able to be harvested.

This lightweight bird netting is made from durable, U.V. protected polypropylene. It is virtually invisible once installed.

Bird Netting
Sale: $13.37
Rabbiteye Blueberry
Fertilizer Tablets
Rabbiteye Blueberry

Fertilizer Tablets

This patented formula is slow release and will provide the nutrients needed for the first year of your plants life. This fertilizer will not burn your roots and is easy to install. Simply space the tablets evenly around your plants roots when planting. Be sure to water thoroughly after.

Fertilizer Tablets
Sale: $6.67

• Virtually pest and disease free
• Drought tolerant
• Resists late frost damage that can kill other plants

Now you can easily grow the tastiest blueberries by the bushel – right in your own yard!

Growing your blueberries requires NO mixing chemicals... NO spraying for bugs... and NO ingesting dangerous insecticides – Rabbiteye blueberry bushes are naturally pest resistant.

Plant these bushes now and you could have buckets of berries throughout the summer.

Save hundreds of dollars each year, for decades.

Plant an attractive blueberry hedge and you'll have plenty extra to share with friends and neighbors.

Blueberries are the nutritional "Super Food". They have a higher concentration of anti-aging antioxidants than almost any other food. This is one of the easiest plants you can grow... easily adapts to even the worst soils. Plus, the well developed root systems will have them quickly thriving in your yard.

f you have never tasted fresh blueberries, ripened on the branch... then you will be amazed at how sweet and flavorful berries can be. Now here's your secret weapon that will have your bushes producing more berries, bigger berries and tastier berries than anyone else's.

When you order more than one bush, you'll automatically receive separate strains that will cross-pollinate each other. It's like marrying your bushes into outside families. Our competitors don't do this, and it makes a huge difference.

You can't make a mistake, because we send you the best combination of bushes.

We recommend ordering 3 or more bushes for best results. When planting as a hedge, space every 3 feet. You don't even have to work for them. Once established, these bushes thrive on neglect! They produce fruit quickly... you should start enjoying your berries the first season. Plus, your bushes produce berries over a period as long as 3 months, instead of coming in all at once like many varieties.
So you have more time to enjoy them.

Under ideal conditions mature Rabbiteye blueberry bush can provide a hefty 15 pounds of berries each season! You will have plenty to share and plenty to freeze.

These berries are firm, not mushy, so they store with great results.

We suggest you order early because these large bushes will sell out.

Growing Zones: 6-9

Mature Height: 8-10 ft.
Mature Width: 8-10 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Soil Conditions: Adaptable
Drought Tolerance: Good
Botanical Name: Vaccinium
Does not ship to: AZ, CA, OR, WA
Growing Zones 6-9
This plant is generally recommended for zones: 6-9
(blue area above)

You are in Growing Zone:

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Why Buy from Fast Growing Trees?

Save Money

Save thousands by shopping in the convenience of your own home instead of paying a landscaper for trees that struggle.

Tree to Door

Receive well developed, large trees and shrubs that thrive in your area.  Varieties that are easy to grow, long lived, and trouble free.  Your plants are clearly marked for size, pruned to a nice pleasing shape, and are delivered right to your doorstep.

No Chemicals

We shun growth regulators and other chemicals that make plants look good in the stores but struggle to survive once planted.

Large Size

Some nurseries charge you for a taller tree then chop 1/3 off, so it will fit in a shorter box. This saves them on shipping but can harm your tree and make you wait longer for it to grow back.

Can I Plant Now?

Yes... Your Rabbiteye Blueberry can be planted any time of year... even Winter. Roots will continue to grow on warm days, giving your tree a head-start for Spring. 

How do I Request a Different Ship Date?

Call us at 888-504-2001, email us or enter your requested ship date in our shopping cart next to the billing information section. 

Additional Info for Those Who Love to Read:

Orders are occasionally delayed if we see really bad weather approaching, or if we encounter unusual circumstances. A small number of our plants show a specific release date. If you purchase one of these and would like your other items sooner, just let us know. 
Amount of Order Shipping Charge
Less than $15 $8.95
$15.00-$23.99 $11.95
$24.00-$39.99 $14.95
$40.00-$79.99 $18.95
$80.00-$98.99 $23.95
$99+ 28%

It's Easy to Plant your Rabbiteye Blueberry

Specific Directions for Rabbiteye Blueberry

Your Blueberry bushes will thrive in an area that receives full to partial sunlight. The more sunlight that your bushes get, the more fruit they'll produce as long as they are in a well drained area of your yard, that doesn't collect any standing water.

Acidic soil with a pH balance ranging from 4.09 to 5.5 will be best for your Blueberry Bushes. Use a pH meter to measure the acidity of your soil and add sulfur or Peat Moss to increase your soil's acidity level.

Fertilize your Blueberry Bushes early every Spring, as your Bushes emerge from winter dormancy and flower. Midsummer after you harvest your Blueberries fertilize your bushes again. Use an organic fertilizer for an acid loving shrub.

Your Blueberries won't be ready to be picked until their stems appear blue, not red or green. Once your Blueberries are ripe they will be a dusty dark blue color.

Step 1 - Dig Your Hole

Select a site with full to partial sun and moist or well drained soil for your Rabbiteye Blueberry.

If you're planting a hedge, mark out a visual guide by placing stakes five to six feet apart and looping string around them. Plant the where the stakes are and they'll grow together to make a dense privacy screen.

First, dig each hole so that it is just shallower than the root ball and at least twice the width.

Then loosen the soil in the planting hole so the roots can easily break through.

Use your shovel or try dragging the points of a pitch fork along the sides and bottom of the hole.

Step 2 - Place Your Plant

Next, separate the roots of your Rabbiteye Blueberry gently with your fingers and position them downward in the hole.

The top of the root flare, where the roots end and the trunk begins, should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.

Then make sure the plant is exactly vertical in the hole.

To make it just right, use a level.

Step 3 - Backfill Your Hole

As you backfill the hole, apply water to remove air pockets.

Remove debris like stones and grass and completely break up any dirt clumps.

Water your Rabbiteye Blueberry again after the transplant is complete.

To help retain some of that moisture, it's recommended that you place mulch around each plant to a depth of 2"-3" up to but not touching the trunk. Organic mulches such as wood chips also help to better soil structure as they decompose.

Average customer rating:

Most useful customer reviews:
By: Jeff in Houston, TX
I ordered five blueberry bushes. I was picking fruit 7 weeks later. All the fun of owning a fruit producing plant without the waiting for years for production. I am extremely pleased. If you have dirt, you should order these plants.

By: Patricia
Have had them in pots and finally got them in the ground. New growth has popped out since I planted them in the ground, so I think theyre doing fine. Would like to purchase more.

By: Sherrie in KS
I bought tift blueberry bush & 1 bluecrop shrub ... they are nice quality, full bushes - not thin or stickly ... I bought & planted in April & already seeing lots of blueberries ripening up! Easy to care for, I have not used any fertilizer ,other than some of my horses compost, or any pesticides ... thriving

By: Sonja
It is a healthy plant that rooted immediately. It grew quickly and did great thru the cold winter. I had some fruit the very first season which was great! I am looking forward to next season. I will be freezing some of the berries to use over pancakes and baking.

By: Darlene
I dont have a question, but would just wanted you to know how PLEASED I am with the trees that you sent to me. I have ordered many trees via Cottage Farms, and they just throw them in boxes without any protection. I could not believe how well packed yours were. Also, they are all very healthy!! Thanks so much also for the speedy delivery. I have them all planted in time for all the rain that is coming. I WILL be back! Thanks again!

By: Cindy
I was happy to have delicious blueberries from my bush the first season.

By: Jane
Incidentally, I did not know that for each tree purchased, one is planted in Africa.  That is excellent!  Besides this empress and another tree that I recently ordered, I have planted two ornamental cherry trees, two blueberry bushes and one raspberry bush that I have ordered from you guys.  They are all doing great!  I recommend you to all my friends and will continue using your products.

By: Adam
I bought four blueberry shrubs last year and used them as a shrub in my back yard. They produced delicious fruit the first year. They are easy to maintain. Thank you very much. I am planning on purchasing more.

By: Shirley
The blueberry bushes are doing great. We didnt have a great amount this year, but they were certainly good. I love the way the color changes them in the fall. My husband is very pleased with his fathers day gift.

By: Rich
I have to admit that I've bought from a number of nurseries (including Home Depot). Thing is that every blueberry plant I bought from Fast Growing Tress nursery (4 plants) has already produced large (not ripened yet) blueberries for 2011, while all the other blueberries from other nurseries have none (6 plants). So, yes, they are a tad more price wise, but you get what you paid for. I just ordered 3 more... Had someone given me the advice to just buy from here and save yourself the headache of waiting another season for fruit, I would have paid for it. One trip to Costco to buy blueberries ($8.99) tells me that waiting is not worth it to save on a deal! One hint for those new to blueberries... if you want them to thrive and are an avid coffee drinker like me, blueberry plants love ground coffee beens. They increase the acidity in the soil, which blueberries love. So, drink the coffee and save the ground up beens for the plants. They will love you for it and so will your kids for the extra blueberries...

By: Nicole
Great packaging and very hardy plant. Produced blueberries last year and this year also. Ours are still in pots and thriving.

By: Evelyn
The best blueberry bush for picking large berries. Great for snacking and baking!

By: Dan Lee
I bought 30 of your Rabbiteye bushes in the spring of 2011. They arrived in great shape and had berries on them already. They did develop some Iron Chlorosis almost immediately, but that was solved easily by using some fertilizer for acid loving plants. They are doing great now and have grown almost a foot just this summer. I was worried that they might have difficulty growing here, as I am in north central Pennsylvania, but so far so good. While I was hoping to just get the Tift variety I also got Premier, 15 each. From what I understand its best to cross polinate to get better fruit. The Japaneese Beetles seem to prefer the Premier bushes, they leave the Tift alone completely. I wish I had received more of the Tift and less of the Premier for that reason. I can't wait to see what next year brings. I just bought 30 Sweetheart bushes from you too, and am hoping they do just as well.

By: Moises Alanis
I have three plants and are full of berries!

By: Gale F Evans
I purchased three of these plants in May and planted them right away. Two looked very healthy and had berries on them. The third looked barron, but not dead, it had sparse leaves at the top. We used the fertilizer that came with the plants and watered them well. Two of the plants are doing great. The bottom of the bushes are bare, but the tops have bushy green foliage. The third plant, the one that looked barron, looks dead. There isn't any foliage at all. My husband said to wait it out and see what happens.

By: Mary McFarland
Bought two of these and they are growing fast! They started producing within a month!

By: Joyce Sullivan
We ordered two of these plants to replace ones we lost in a tornado. We have been very happy with this variety. Both plants produced fruit the first year. They have also put out lots of new growth this summer. I will buy this plant again.

By: Rob
I have a small back yard in the burbs. Just wondering how large these get at full grown? The description seems to have 2 different sizes, unless the 2-3 ft means that the size they ship and the 8-10 ft is fully grown, but that seems very large for blueberries.

By: Jessica
Very happy with my blueberries! Berries in the first year, good tasting, and new growth!

By: Pat Carson
Nice blueberry plant

By: john
These blueberry bushes performed ok this season. I planted them a little late so the fault i likely mine. I expect that they will be much better next year

By: Lloyd Dodd
I had problems with blueberries last year, but these have done well in the central Texas summer and are still looking good. I'm looking forward to more berries next year!

By: Helen Sides
I ate blueberries only months after I transplanted the blueberry.

By: Elizabeth Pearl
I had ordered the recommended 3 blueberry bushes after 2 years I had 2 blueberry on one of them. They are still the same size as I plant them 2 years ago. I don't know at this point if the location or soil is wrong. On other hand the raspberry bush is awesome fruit producer. Now at the end of summer from one bush planted at the same time I have daily raspberry available for morning cereal for family of 4. Lots new baby plants too, so I will be making a patch of them.

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What are the best planting conditions ie soil sunlight etc?
Brenda S on Jun 8, 2014
Best Answer: The best soil conditions are a loamy soil/ well draining with an acidic soil or low in p.h. 4.5 and 5.5 is ideal.. if planting outside dig a hole 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. mix 1/2 peat moss and native soil or a acidic potting mix.. i also add an organic acidic fertilizer in the planting hole..then i mulch with souther pine bark mulch----will do better in at least 8 hours of sun
Reply · Donald B on Jun 9, 2014
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Are blueberry bushes evergreen?
Kerry W on Jun 16, 2014
Best Answer: Hi, mine are not evergreen, and i live in NC. Make sure you buy 2 , 1 male, 1 female, you need both. Blueberry's are a SUPER food though, very healthy. Good luck, i love mine, every tree , bush, whatever has to feed us or smell good,lol!

Reply · nicole s on Jun 19, 2014
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When is the best time to plant blueberry bushes? I want to buy one now and have ready for next year, but is July too late?
Courtney L on Jul 20, 2014
Best Answer: I bought my Rabbiteye Blueberry late in the season, around July, in Michigan. I planted it temporarily in a large pot until I got things straight around my new place and had time to plant it properly. It has thrived! It was loaded with blooms/berries.
If you are in the right zone then I think your plant should do well if you plant in July, but why not call and ask the experts to be sure?
Reply · Lyn W on Jul 20, 2014
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will you ship blueberries overseas?
A shopper on Jun 7, 2014
Best Answer: Sorry, we cannot ship Blueberries overseas.
Reply · Justin FStaff on Jun 9, 2014
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