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Plum Trees

Santa Rosa Plum Tree for Sale
Fruit Cocktail Tree for Sale
Superior Plum Tree for Sale
Candy Heart Pluerry  for Sale
2 in 1 Pluot Tree for Sale
Santa Rosa Plum Tree
Growing Zones: 5-10
•  Takes up very little space
•  Grows almost anywhere
•  Extremely adaptable

Fruit Cocktail Tree
Growing Zones: 6-9
•  3 Fruit Varieties
•  Self Pollinating
•  Dwarf Size

Superior Plum Tree
Growing Zones: 4-8
•  Large, red plums
•  Ripens in August
•  Cold hardy

Candy Heart Pluerry
Growing Zones: 6-9
•  A cross between a plum and sweet cherry
•  Tons of large, plump fruit
•  Beautiful blooms every spring

2 in 1 Pluot Tree
Growing Zones: 6-10
•  Two unique fruit hybrids
•  Tons of white flowers
•  Sweet, delicious fruit






Flavor King Pluot  for Sale
Spice Zee Nectaplum  for Sale
Flavor Delight Aprium  for Sale
Flavor King Pluot
Growing Zones: 6-10
•  A plum and apricot in a single tree
•  Beautiful white flowers
•  Produces tons of fruit

Spice Zee Nectaplum
Growing Zones: 7-9
•  Incredibly Sweet Nectarines
•  Tons of flowers
•  Low maintenance

Flavor Delight Aprium
Growing Zones: 6-10
•  The sweetest of all Apricots
•  Tons of pink blooms
•  Vigorous fruit producer