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15 Practical Reasons Why You Should Grow a Red Twig Dogwood
Grow a garden that goes beyond green with the help of fast-growing red twig dogwood. Its red stems up the ante of a picturesque white winter. Gardens need more than greens. It's about time to explore the red side of life with the aid of red twig dogwood. Plant them fast, grow them fast. What's greater than green in garden speak? Getting a variety of colors in all seasons with one fast-growing plant called red twig dogwood.

Indoor Plants As Health and Productivity Hacks
If you think that indoor plants are just there for design? Think again. Studies show they give benefits that you probably didn’t even know.

Give Tree Gifts and Be an Environment-Savvy Santa
Year after year, finding the perfect holiday gifts is getting even tougher. This holiday, make gift giving a thoughtful idea with a fast growing tree!

Easy to Grow and Great for your Health: Avocado
Avocado is a delicious and healthful fruit that has more than 80 different varieties. The most popular and easy to grow variety is the Hass avocado; this variety’s original mother tree is still growing in California. The Hass avocado is sometimes referred to as the “alligator pear,” due to its dark green color and rough, wrinkly skin.

Spring Chores to Give Your Garden a Jump Start
Early spring is an exciting time for all gardeners; bulbs are bursting forth and tree buds are unfurling. It is also a busy time for gardeners because there are several important chores that need to be done to prepare the garden for planting season. While you’re waiting for the risk of the last frost to pass, early March is the perfect time for tidying and prepping for the months ahead.

7 Additives for Better Soil
A true gardener knows how important soil is and never takes it for granted. There’s much more to planting a garden than digging a hole, dropping a plant in and sprinkling on some water. Soil preparation is probably the most import part of the cultivation process, and while some gardeners many be lucky enough to have soil that is rich in nutrients, most will have to amend their dirt to ensure optimum growing conditions.

Top Flowering Trees to Brighten your Landscape
There’s nothing quite like an early burst of floral color to make you realize that spring is in the air, and when this is combined with a refreshing fragrance you’ll also start to feel spring in your step. Early flowering trees will not only add color and beauty to your garden, they will help you brush away the winter blues. Here are Fast Growing Tree’s Nursery’s top five spring-flowering trees.

Winter Fertilizing for Deep Root Growth
Fertilize your plants in late fall/early spring to ensure maximum growth during the growing season.

Winter Citrus Care Tips
Citrus trees are very vulnerable during the winter season and will need a little help. Taking care of your citrus trees throughout the winter means that you will have healthy trees that will produce a hearty yield of fruit once the growing season begins. Here are some tips to help you:

Fruit Tree Care to Maximize Fruiting
If you want to get the most from your fruit trees and enjoy a hearty yield of tasty fruit every year, there are a few important things you need to do to keep your fruit trees healthy and to maximize fruiting.

Pruning Techniques for an Explosion of Blooms and Growth
Pruning is an important practice if you want to maintain healthy trees and increase blooms and growth. Removing dead or dying branches will help to prevent disease, reduce the risk of insect infestation and prevent storm damage to the tree. Pruning is also important for encouraging the development of flowers and fruit.

Weird Trip to North Korea This Summer
Kim Jong Il's death last week has sparked a lot of bizarre stories. We wanted to thank you for your support and tell you about our wild trip there this past summer.

Guide to Container Gardening
Container gardens are the perfect option for people who enjoy gardening, but have limited space, poor soil conditions or are unable to take care of a full sized garden.


$10 Strawberry Plants For 99 Cents!
A Deal That's Ripe For The Taking

Prune your Plants for an Explosion of Growth
Pruning trees makes them safer and increases their health and vigor.

3 Secrets To Double the Growth Rate of Your Trees and Shrubs
We all want shade, privacy or fruit in a hurry. Follow these quick and easy tips and you can double the growth rate of your trees.

How to Prune Double Knockout Roses
When and How to Properly Prune your Double Knockout Roses for Even More Blooms

Double Knockout Rose Maintenance
How to care for your double knockout roses so they reward you with tons of color and blooms

Blueberry Recipes
Enjoy these 5 recipes with your home-grown blueberries!

How to Plant and Maintain Blueberry Bushes to Prevent Disease
“Blueberry Bush Maintenance – How to plant, prune, and grow your blueberry bush to get the most blueberries possible”

Avoid the Top Five Diseases for your Double Knockout Roses
So, you've fallen in love with Double Knockout roses! But what if they are susceptible to diseases?

5 Evergreen Trees to Avoid
For the Biggest Difference in your Landscape, Plant Disease-Resistant Evergreens

Increase the Value of Your Home with New Hybrid Trees
Fast Growing Varieties can Bloom Longer, Provide Instant Privacy and Give More Curb Appeal

New Tree Varieties Can Help Fix Third-World Poverty
Fast Growing Fruit Trees and Shade Trees can Help Provide Sustainable Living

Genetically Improved Trees Make Landscaping Easier
New Hybrids Make Landscaping Easier

Fast Growing Fruit Trees: A Permanent Solution to World Hunger
A self-sustaining answer to the planet's oldest problem

Eucalyptus Trees offer Organic Flea Control
One Eucalyptus Tree can rid your home of these pests

Royal Empress Tree
Royal Empress Tree – The Most Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Tree

Thuja Green Giant Windbreak
Thuja Giants are Ideal for Planting Windbreaks to Protect Your Home

Fast Growing Trees
Don't Want to Wait 10 Years for Beautiful, Stately Trees?

Thuja Green Giant
An Attractive Alternative To Regular Fences

Home Improvement with Fast Growing Trees
Are You Getting Inferior Trees From the Home Improvement Stores?

Do It Yourself Landscaping with Fast Growing Trees
Save Money With Do-It-Yourself Landscaping