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    Superior Hybrid Poplar for Sale


Superior Hybrid Poplar

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-t- Tree Planting Kit

Tree Planting Kit

Getting your tree off to the right start can more than double its growth rate. Use our planting kit so your tree is ready for explosive growth.

Your planting kit includes:

  1. Tree Stake Kit to help keep your tree stable, giving roots time to grow.

  2. Breathable Tree Guard protects against gnawing mice, rabbits, deer and mowers.

  3. 2 oz of Root Rocket™ Mycorrhizal Fungi so your tree can quickly explode with new root growth.

-t- Planting Mix
Superior Hybrid Poplar Planting Mix

Helps your Superior Hybrid Poplar get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Course Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

Soil Contents
-t- Root Rocket™ Fertilizer
Root Rocket™ Transplant Fertilizer

2oz. Packet

Get your new plants off to the right start by using Root Rocket™ Transplant.

This soil amendment contains 16 strains of mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and Horta-Sorb® water management gel.

Simply sprinkle the product into the planting hole adjacent to the root ball when planting.

The organisms will start to work right away supplying the roots with much needed nutrition.

The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

Root Rocket Fertilizer

Growing Zones: 3-8

Growing Zones 3-8
This plant is recommended for zones: 3-8
(green area above)

You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

40-50 ft.

Mature Width:

30 ft.


Full Sun

Drought Tolerance:


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Classic Shade Tree Grows up to 8 feet per year

One of the fastest growing and most attractive shade trees you can find.

New home builders love to use our Poplars as front yard shade trees. They quickly become established and can add thousands to a homes value. Hybrid Poplars have a pleasing oval shape that complements any property.

You can plant these Poplars wherever you need fast shade or privacy. They've been known to grow up to 8 ft. in a single year. At 40-50 feet, you can strategically plant them to block the direct sunlight... dramatically lowering your air conditioning costs. In the winter, they drop their dense green foliage, letting through sunlight when it's needed most.

When you receive your trees, they don't look like much. Plant them 8-10 feet apart and stand back. They fill out faster than most hedge trees we know of... typically forming into a thick green wall by the end of the first full growing season.

Beware - not all Hybrid Poplars are the same. Ours are bred for landscape purposes, not timber. So you get a better formed, long-lived tree.

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Growth Rate
Planted my 4 Hybrid Poplar trees about 5 years ago. 1 is about 40 feet high, 2 are about 30 feet high and one is inching along at about 18 feet. I love the trees, they provide great shade in much needed areas and I love hearing the wind through their leaves. Very easy to maintain. Unfortunately, I found that the tallest one decided to bloom this year. It has a massive amount of cottony stuff that blows all over the place and gets caught every where and in flower beds. Quite annoying and quite hard to get out of the mulch. It flies all over when sitting on the back patio. So bad you have to cover your drinks so it doesn't land in it. From the kitchen window it literally looks like it is snowing all day. Quite disappointed. I have loved these trees for 5 years and now .... not so much. Just hoping the other ones do not have this annoying problem or I will not be able to keep them as I have read that the cotton like stuff can get in your car radiator, ac units, etc and also can catch fire quite fast near a grill or fire pit. BEWARE!!!!! This site should not sell female poplars... or at least let you know in the description that this could happen. If anyone has a solution other than cutting it down or spraying an herbicide all over it in spring that will cause my other flowers and shrubs not to bloom from sprayover. I would love to hear about it.
December 31, 2012
I will start by saying that when it comes to trees and landscaping, I dont know much. My lawn looks terrific, but trees and shrubbery are a different story. I have a single story house with a small front yard, and 100% sunlight beating on my living room all day long. The living room is several degrees higher than the rest of the house, just because of this. So I need some shade fast in my front yard. I found this tree by doing a simple search on Google for ""fast growing tree"". Within 3 days of doing that search, my hybrid poplar arrived. I was shocked to see a large root ball, and the excellent health of the tree overall. Ive seen others, and they come as a stick with a single new root. Not this one, it came with a nice root ball that was ready to grow right out of the box. I planted mine on 6/20/09, thinking it was already late in the season, and that we might not see a whole lot of growth in this year. I planted it that same day at 59 1/2 inches. By 8/4/09 I went out and measured it, and it was at 89 inches tall already. I measured it again this morning ,8/30/09, and it currently sits at 103 inches tall ,over 8 ft. tall!,. So in a grand total of 2 months and 1 week, we have gotten a vertical growth of 43 1/2 inches. We also have several nice branches starting to grow. When I planted it, I dug out a much larger hole in the ground, and mixed in 2 bags of good top soil, some peat moss, and some scotts planting soil. Since then, I cannot believe the speed with which this tree is growing. I could not be happier with such a simple purchase. Thank you very much to the people growing these trees...it is a bargain of a price, and a very well cared for young tree. Hopefully at this rate, by the end of year 3 we will see some shade on our living room
December 31, 2012
We live in eastern Iowa and planted 5 of these back in June of 2010 to help block out the unsightly interstate not far off. Their growth is incredible; they are all close to 20-30 ft tall after 3 seasons. They only thing I don't like is some of the leaves tend to yellow drop off way earlier than other trees (like mid-late summer). But for a quick privacy barrier, they do the trick.
December 31, 2012
Fast and hardy!
I ordered 9 of these in the 5-6 feet option about 3 1/2 months ago. I also ordered the starter food for each tree.

As of today, all 9 trees are more than double their original height. One is a full 10 feet taller, which is impressive.

I did stake the trees because I did not want them blown over during this critical first year.

I live in Eastern Nebraska.
August 25, 2014
Growing Zone:
Hybrid Poplars
We had quaking aspens that kept dying every 10 years and had to be cut down and removed. As we looked around our neighborhood, we noticed the bigger poplars still alive and thriving so we decided to replace aspens with poplars for long time shade in our backyard. Our trees have new growth already and hoping they will grow and thrive for years to come.
September 24, 2014
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
I bought this tree to get quick shade in a new lot in Lexington KY. When it arrived in fall of 2010 it was a 6 foot bare stick growing at an odd 30 degree angle. Now (August 2013) it is a handsome straight tree 20+ feet tall.
December 31, 2012
Fast Growing, a Lot of Maintenance
I purchased 5 of these in June 2010, as of summer 2014, they are in the 30-35 ft range. I am definitely satisfied with the growth rate, they accomplished what we bought them for, quick privacy. They tend to start shedding leaves early in the season though (late July-August) and are susceptible to disease. Some of mine have gotten a type of leaf fungus disease and can shed many leaves early. In order to minimize that problem you need to rake those up, or it will return next season. With the size of mine, as of this August I need to rake up almost a lawnbag's worth of leaves every week before I mow the lawn., very annoying and time consuming.
August 15, 2014
We planted our Hybrid Poplar trees last April and theyve already grown about 5 feet! Were really pleased with them!
December 31, 2012
Hard to tell this early
They came nice and tall, a little skinny, but nice and tall. I have only had them a few months so it is hard to tell how they are really going to be. So far I am satisfied.
September 25, 2014
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
The tree has performed wonderfully. It is growing and looks like it will grow the 5 to 7 feet as promised. I water it twice weekly with the water bag I purchased for it and it seems to be hardy.
December 31, 2012
over 4 years ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Superior Hybrid Poplar

Superior Hybrid Poplar Planting Diretions Place your Hybrid Poplar Tree in an area that receives full to partial sunlight. Your Hybrid Poplar Tree will prefer to have at least six hours of sunlight a day. For a hedge or privacy screen plant your Hybrid Poplars about five feet apart and their foliage will quickly fill in.

Your Hybrid Poplar will adapt to your natural soil even if it's sandy or heavy in clay. Although a pH balance over 8.0 can be harmful to your Hybrid Poplar Tree. Test your soil with a pH meter to find its pH balance. Keep your soil moist and not over saturated. Make sure that your soil is well draining. Usually Hybrid Poplar Trees don't require any fertilizer and grow fine on their own.

Hybrid Poplar Trees can handle wet conditions, but don't want to sit in standing water. Short term flooding is fine, as long as the water keeps moving. Try to mimic your natural environment for your tree, and only give it extra water during times of drought.

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this?
Fast-Growing-Trees.com Store
Fast growing promise
James B on Aug 18, 2016
Fast growing shade
Renate D on Aug 16, 2016
for the rate of growth and shade
Sheri V on Aug 17, 2016
I had intended to purchase tulip poplars, but saw this popular was faster growing and better price...I am hoping I dont regret not going with the tulip poplars.
Kara E on Aug 15, 2016
I have 3 of them they are 5 years old and 40 ft tall but they look like they are dieing no leafs on them this year why is that?
floyd B on Jun 10, 2014
Best Answer: It was a really rough winter. They might be behind schedule and still in a state of dormancy. If you take a coin or fingernail and gently scratch some of the surface are of the bark what color is underneath?
Reply · Report · Allison BStaff on Jun 12, 2014
what is the danger of the tree blowing down on houses if large roots are growing several inches above ground?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2014
Best Answer: The Hybrid poplars do have surface roots over time, but they also go down and anchor themselves pretty well, and are not known to be uprooted easily. Any tree can be blown over if the winds are strong enough.
Reply · Report · Gena MStaff on Nov 25, 2014
Spacing between three poplar trees ?
A shopper on May 30, 2014
Best Answer: this is an extremely fast growing tree, I would allow at least 10 foot spacing.
Reply · Report · DJ H on Jun 1, 2014
We lost a Plum tree to the remnants of a hurricane in 1998 and replanted another 5' Plum tree in the same spot. This past week, that tree came down with straight-line, 50 miles per hour wind gusts during a t-storm. We are seeking another tree for the exact same spot. Does this tree have a strong root system that would allow it to survive routine storms? Losing these trees is like losing a member of the family. They were both about 25 feet tall at their demise.
GTrain3 on Jun 18, 2014
Best Answer: The hybrid poplar is a soft wood and gives a lot to the wind. Where I live we have wind gusts up to about 20 mph and I can already see damage to the trunk. Even though I have it secured, it still flexes at the base. My tree is going on 2 yrs old and is about 7.5 ft tall. If u live in an area with high a winds I recommend a more hard wood tree. It takes longer to grow but will probably last a lot longer
Reply (1) · Report · Richard C on Jun 18, 2014
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Once mature, what will be the approximate lowest branch height of these trees? I'd like something that is not too low to mow under, and the kids are able to play in the shade under, but low enough to still offer good privacy. Would another tree be better for this type of scenario?

I'm in zone 7, and will be planting in a mostly full sun area. I'd like fast growing shade and privacy, with little mess and maintenance.
Reed K on Mar 17, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (5)
Are these potted with a root ball or are they they bare root?
A shopper on Jun 7, 2014
Best Answer: It depends on the time of the year. If the tree is dormant in the winter months it is healthier for it to be sent bare root. If the tree has broken winter dormancy it is shipped in a pot or with its root ball wrapped.
Reply · Report · Allison BStaff on Jun 13, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (4)
What time of year is best for planting a Hybrid Poplar in zone 7 ?
A shopper on Jul 2, 2014
Best Answer: Spring and/or fall are optimal, but any time from sp. to f. will do if you are religious about keeping them hydrated (and maybe shaded from the most severe of the sun) for 3-4 mos. as the roots work their way out of the root ball and into the new soil-in-situ. Having the drip watering donut they sell can help, or a soaker hose.
Reply · Report · DR JOANNE L H on Jul 2, 2014
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can I plant them in the summer ?
A shopper on Jun 20, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, but water every other day and maybe shade from noonday sun til roots are established.
Reply · Report · DR JOANNE L H on Jul 2, 2014
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What type or kind of fertilizer do I use ? /
warren j on Jun 28, 2014
Best Answer: Only organic, no synthetic until fully established - say 4 months, to avoid burning roots.
Reply · Report · DR JOANNE L H on Jul 2, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (2)
Is the root invasive?
A shopper on May 30, 2014
Best Answer: I was certain i read that this tree grows strong roots but is not invasive. Mine is 4 years old and is huge, i have not had any problems with roots being invasive or at the surface. I have found this tree does best watered with some sun around, to prevent mold. It grows like crazy the hotter out it is. It is my favorite tree in the yard. Not messy at all. If you are looking for a pretty tree with a nice shape that provides shade fast this is it.
Reply · Report · Erin J on May 30, 2014
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I would like to plant this near a driveway, behind a basketball hoop. How far away should it be planted? I would like to make sure the roots don't ruin the pavement and that the branches don't block the hoop.
Christie J on May 14, 2015
Best Answer: Keep the tree well back. The Hybrid Poplar grows very fast and will surprise you. I have several in my yard and I keep at least 15 feet separation
Reply · Report · Bruce M on Aug 18, 2015
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if delivered in winter can u wait until spring to plant this ?tree?
Andrea w on Jan 20, 2015
Best Answer: Yes you wait until spring to plant
Reply · Report · Robyn .Staff on Jan 27, 2016
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (1)
is this tree always green?
A shopper on Aug 28, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, for the most part. For a very short time in the spring, when the leaves are small, they have a little pinkish green coloring. If the tree is experiencing a drought condition, some leaves turn yellow. Other than that, it has medium to deeper green leaves. I should add that I feed mine a 10-10-10 fertilizer twice a year.
Reply · Report · MARYELLEN D on Aug 29, 2014
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can I still plant this tree in August in NC?
A shopper on Aug 27, 2014
Best Answer: I did ours in Aug, just put the roots deep
Reply · Report · garland r on Aug 28, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Is it drought resistant?
Beachrat on Jul 25, 2014
Best Answer: We live in an area of desert conditions. This tree certainly appears to be drought resistant. Since our tree is still small (about 8 feet tall) I water it every 3 days just to be sure it stays well. A slow drip of water for about 1/2 hour. We also have a bit of wind at intervals so the tree is also still staked. Hope I've helped you.
Reply · Report · Susanne D on Jul 26, 2014
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Do they like heat of over 100 degrees?
A shopper on Jul 14, 2014
Best Answer: they are tolerant of heat over 100 degrees but favor alot of water. Try not to let the tree dry out in sandy soils or dry conditions, water every few days if possible for young trees that are establishing. but they tolerate very warm temps of 100 degrees or more with water. Drought conditions could cause you to loose the tree.
Reply · Report · Terrence G on Jul 18, 2014
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How soon before we see some new growth on freshly planted hybrid poplars? We planted them 3 weeks ago, along with many other trees. Everything has new growth except the poplars. They look like dry sticks still. Should I be concerned?
Tina B on May 22, 2016
Best Answer: We planted ours in 2014 and the first year we didn't see a ton of new growth. Does yours have any leaves? Ours had leaves the first year, so I'd be concerned if it doesn't. The next spring we saw a ton of new growth and it continued all summer. We are at about the 2 year mark of planting it and it's doubled in size since then.
I'd say as long as leaves are growing, just be patient this first year and worry more if nothing happens next year.
Hope that helps!
Reply · Report · Angela P on May 22, 2016
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when is the best time to plant this hybrid poplar tree and how big of a whole does it need to be??
chica on Jul 2, 2014
Best Answer: Well this does depend on ( 70º - 90º on what climate and zone ) your'e planting this beautiful fast growing " hybrid poplar ". Northern California (all most in Oregon ) on the coast i plant my trees between Jan. 1 and Feb.17th.( my B/D ).
I bought the 5'-6' size.
The hole i dug was 15" wide and 12" deep.
I do cut 1/3 of the root off.
Thanks for my in put. Michael. Arcata,Ca.
Reply · Report · michael b on Jul 3, 2014
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A reviewer named as T.R. has 461 reviews... I believe they are fake because no one person would review the same plant 10 times! I was about to buy a tree but now I am not sure. Do you write fake reviews for your trees?
Martha D on Jun 3, 2015
Best Answer: I am not sure about T.R., but I can tell you that the trees I received were wonderful. I did have a tree die and it was replaced at no additional charge to me. Fast-Growing Trees has been reputable and consistent with their products. M.D.
Reply · Report · Michael D on Jun 3, 2015
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What is the lifespan of the hybrid poplar?
Kemo S on Jul 16, 2014
Best Answer: Only know what I have read. 30 -50 years. I do have a friend that planted their's 31 years ago and it is still going strong. Planted mine in spring 2013. The trunk has doubled in diameter since mid April and it is now above the peak of my shed (13 foot)
Reply · Report · David C on Jul 16, 2014
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How far from the house should I plant this Hybrid Poplar?
AVALVERDE on Aug 28, 2015
Best Answer: My purchase of 2 hybrid Poplars has been very interesting..... ! They have grown at a higher rate than I had expected. I would suggest about 30 feet from a house to allow for the rapid growth.
Reply · Report · Richard R on Aug 28, 2015
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Hi All:
I am going to plant Hybrid Poplars on both sides of a driveway. What distance between the tress do you recommend and how far away from the side of the driveway?
carl o on Jun 10, 2015
Best Answer: I put mine in my yard to help shade one side of my house and the air conditioner. They are now two years old and were put in about 22 feet apart. Two are now about 18-20 feet high and around 10 feet across. Depending on whether you want separation between them or want them touching, I would recommend planting between 20 to 30 feet apart. With that, for good tree shape, trim botton every year for good height and strong trunk.
Reply · Report · Thomas S on Jun 10, 2015
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is this tree resistant to oak root fungus?
Mark S on Apr 27, 2015
Best Answer: Never had a problem with any disease on this tree
Reply · Report · Dennis G on May 14, 2015
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How do they recover after storm damage?
eric p on Jul 30, 2014
Best Answer: These trees should recover fine after storms. If breaks are unclean the prune the tree back past the breaks and make your cuts at 45 degree angles facing upwards to promote new growth.
Reply · Report · Allison BStaff on Aug 1, 2014
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Will it stand minus 10-20 degrees?
A shopper on Jul 12, 2014
Best Answer: Our trees are planted in southwest Nebraska where it can easily get to minus 10-20 degrees and we have had no problem with them withstanding the past 2 winters since we purchased the trees.

Brad Foote
Reply · Report · Bradley F on Jul 12, 2014
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when to fertilize ?
A shopper on Jun 22, 2014
Best Answer: Hybrid Poplars don't usually need any fertilizer. If yours needs a boost you can give it some well balanced fertilizer like formula 10-10-10 in the early spring and early fall.
Reply · Report · Allison BStaff on Dec 19, 2014
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I live about 60 miles east of Kansas City, when is the best time to plant it?
Alta T on Jun 24, 2016
Best Answer: You can plant at anytime. If you plant now, just make sure you give it plenty of water and plant in the evening after the sun goes down.
Reply · Report · Robyn .Staff on Jun 30, 2016
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is this a good tree to plant close to house? about 6 feet away? if not, recommend which trees are? Fresno ca 93720
rrerfr r on Jun 19, 2016
Best Answer: I would plant 25 foot away from a structure.
Reply · Report · Robyn .Staff on Jun 20, 2016
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Are the tulip poplars and hybrid poplars shipped bare root or potted? I just ordered both
Carol S on May 30, 2016
Best Answer: They will be shipped in pots.
Reply · Report · Robyn .Staff on May 31, 2016
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Does the quoted size include only what will be above ground or does it include the bare roots as well?
Dan D on May 2, 2016
Best Answer: We measure from the top of the pot to the top of the tree. We do not include the roots.
Reply · Report · Robyn .Staff on May 3, 2016
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