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Fast Growing Trees

Don't Want to Wait 10 Years for Beautiful, Stately Trees?

Thuja Green Giant1.) Always use a slow release fertilizer. 19-5-9 tablets work well.

2.) The more direct sun the better. Too much shade will stunt a trees' growth.

3.) Always mulch around your trees. Go out 3 feet, 3-4 inches thick. This insulates the tree during summer and winter temperature extremes.

4.) Keep grass and weeds 3 feet away from new planted trees. Grass robs moisture and can reduce the growth rate of your tree by 50%. Mulch and you don't have to worry about it.

5.) Prevent lawn mower and weed eater injuries. Pathogens infect the wounds and focus the tree's energy on healing rather than growing. Mulching eliminates the need for weed trimming and keeps mowers further away.

Royal Empress TreeThese tips apply to any tree, not just Thuja Trees. Use them on trees that are naturally fast growing and you'll really witness dramatic growth.

The Thuja Green Giant is our fastest growing evergreen and the Royal Empress tree is our fastest growing shade tree. You can find these and forty other fast growing varieties at



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