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Concord Grape for Sale
Niagara Grapes for Sale
Summit Muscadine Grapes for Sale
Carlos Scuppernong Grape for Sale
Tara Scuppernong Grape for Sale
Concord Grape
Growing Zones: 5-9
•  Tangy & juicy
•  Very nutritious
•  Easy to Grow

Niagara Grapes
Growing Zones: 7-9
•  Most popular white grape
•  Great for wine, jam, juice
•  Very adaptable

Summit Muscadine Grapes
Growing Zones: 7-10
•  Huge bunches of grapes
•  Juicy, full of flavor
•  Bushels of grapes

Carlos Scuppernong Grape
Growing Zones: 6-9
•  Top wine producing grape
•  Self-fertile
•  Easy to Grow

Tara Scuppernong Grape
Growing Zones: 7-10
•  Cold tolerant
•  Self-fertile
•  Easy to Grow