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Great Gift Ideas (Gift Trees)

Royal Empress Trees
• Grows up to 12 ft. yr.
• Fast growing shade tree
• Fragrant blooms
Growing Zones 5-11
16 Reviews - Read All
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Cold hardy Avocado
• Convenient patio plant
• Lifetime of healthy fruit
• Low maintenance
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
57 Reviews - Read All
More Info...
Dynamite Crape Myrtle
• Deep red color
• Customer Favorite
• A 'Care Free' Tree
Growing Zones 7-9
36 Reviews - Read All
More Info...
Autumn Blaze Maple
• Fastest growing maple
• Resists insects & disease
• Award winning foliage
Growing Zones 3-8
47 Reviews - Read All
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Eucalyptus Tree
• Grows up to 3-6 ft/yr
• Sweet fragrance
• Evergreen shade tree
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
28 Reviews - Read All
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Pink Dogwood
• Disease resistant
• Full spring blooms
• Red fall foliage
Growing Zones 5-9
10 Reviews - Read All
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Autumn Cherry Tree
• Blooms in spring & fall
• Elegant white flowers
• Huge double blooms
Growing Zones 4-8
5 Reviews - Read All
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Meyer Lemon Tree
• Easy to grow
• Best disease resistance
• Very fragrant
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
51 Reviews - Read All
More Info...
White Dogwood
• Creamy white blooms
• Very adaptable
• Great for rows
Growing Zones 5-8
6 Reviews - Read All
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Key Lime Tree
• Most popular lime
• Grows anywhere potted
• Very fragrant
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
17 Reviews - Read All
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Bloodgood Maple
• Unique red foliage
• Grows in shade
• Perfect for tight spaces
Growing Zones 5-9
10 Reviews - Read All
More Info...
Arbequina Olive
• Unique olive tree
• Easy to grow patio tree
• Lifetime of fresh olives
Growing Zones 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
30 Reviews - Read All
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Gift Trees

Buying a gift for a special person is an ideal way to give a unique, memorable present. Trees make an excellent gift that is often overlooked. A tree can remind someone of your thoughtfulness for an entire lifetime. Just look at all the great gift ideas we can send to your loved ones.

You can give a gift that produces beautiful flowers year after year. A gift tree just gets better with time instead of loosing value and interest. Trees mature over time and increase the value of your home with each passing season. Trees are a belief in the future and a promise for tomorrow. We have a gift tree that is perfect for everyone you know.

On an eight year old’s birthday, you could be the hero that gave the joy and discovery of growing their own fruit. For weddings and housewarmings, a flowering tree is going to be a very special gift to the recipients. When a loved one is lost, a memorial tree planted in their memory can comfort loved ones.

No matter what the occasion, pick the gift tree thoughtfully and the recipient will never forget you. Rest assured, any tree we send your very special person will be easy to grow, and maintain, and will easily adapt to different soils and climates. Plus, rewarding the new owner with beauty the moment they open the box.

The gift of fruit can be bestowed with a selection of Blueberries Bushes, or the Black Tartarian Cherry tree.

For a flowering gift, we suggest our fast growing Royal Empress Tree or the beautiful Arapaho Crape Myrtle Tree.

For new homeowners, a shade tree is always welcome … especially if their home is newly built and needs shade in a hurry. Look at our graceful Weeping Willow, the colorful Summer Red Maple or the lovely Tulip Poplar. You can also bestow them with a double duty tree like the Royal Empress for wonderful spring blooming and fast growing relief from the sun.

On Valentines Day – cut flowers or candy are short lived. Our gorgeous Double Knockout Roses are perfect. You’ll be saying I love you repeatedly from late spring to first frost …year after year!

We have done the hard part for you by offering the most valuable and disease resistant plants for your loved ones. With a gift tree you are giving a gift for life.


Gift Tree Reviews...


Reviewed by Christine:

I gave this tree as a gift to my parents. It sits on their balcony. They love it and are always calling to tell me what its doing. It smells great when flowering! We're waiting for the first fruits to ripen right now; they still look like green little limes currently. It's stayed very healthy and has been fun indeed :)



Reviewed by Shirley:

The blueberry bushes are doing great. We didnt have a great amount this year, but they were certainly good. I love the way the color changes them in the fall. My husband is very pleased with his fathers day gift.



Reviewed by Terry in Hingham, MA:

I purchased the Leyland Cypress as a house warming gift for my friend Rob. He was able to take advantage of the warm late Fall weather and got all 5 trees in the ground in time. They look great.

-Terry in Hingham, MA


Reviewed by Rebecca in Jensen Beach, FL:

Our three empress trees were a gift to my husband for his birthday in April. We planted our plants on Easter Sunday 2009. It has been 12 weeks and 2 days since we planted and they are 53 inches tall as of this morning. They have grown 4 inches the last 5 days! They have branches coming out on them now and the green stem is beginning to turn to wood. These trees are amazing!!!! My 8 year old Grandson gets the biggest kick out of measuring them every day and today they are taller than he is by an inch. We recommend these trees to everyone who asks. Besides the fact that what you say about these trees is true ,a rare quality in todays world, they are a blast to watch grow. All my neighbors laughed the day we planted those little green plants, but who is laughing now? Everyone around us is amazed and wants to know how to get these trees for themselves. We are looking forward to seeing what the next 12 weeks brings. Thanks again for an amazing product! These trees are really what you say they are.

-Rebecca in Jensen Beach, FL


Reviewed by Vince in Sweeny, TX:

I planted this 4 ft. October Glory Maple as a Christmas gift to my mother in 12/08. The tree is doing great. It is already over 8 ft. tall with multiple branches and huge leaves. I can not wait to see it change colors late in the fall.

-Vince in Sweeny, TX


Reviewed by Carole in Bruning, NE:

Received tree Golden Raintree as a gift. It was about 6 inches tall when planted. The next spring it almost looked like a dead twig, but it has taken off and grown to 6 feet in one season. Cant wait for it to bloom next year.

-Carole in Bruning, NE