Gardenia used as a privacy hedge between driveways Gardenia used as a privacy hedge between driveways

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This Frost Proof Gardenia has all the wonderful qualities of the gardenia without all the worries. It is cold tolerant, deer resistant, fragrant and easy to grow. Wow!

Frost Proof Gardenia

Blooms When Others Don't

Size: 2 Gallon

Ships: April 5th, 2016
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Size: 1 Gallon

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Size: 3 Gallon

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Planting Mix
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Helps your Frost Proof Gardenia get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Course Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

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The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

DIEHARD Transplant
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You'll never miss a Gardenia season because of late cold snaps.

Ordinary Gardenia buds can freeze and never develop into flowers. So, you get a skimpy showing or no blooms at all.

Frost Proof bushes are smothered with amazingly fragrant blooms every year. They stand up to the cold and unusual weather patterns.

Mid-West or Key West...Frost proofs pump out blooms that fill your yard with that distinctive Gardenia aroma.

Deer resistant and trouble-free. Thick Green foliage makes it versatile enough to be a foundation hedge, property barrier or the focal point of a berm.

We've done the waiting for you. These are well developed shrubs ready to bloom your very first season.

Our larger sizes are limited, so order now while they are still available.

Growing Zones: 7-10

Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
Mature Width: 3-6 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Drought Tolerance: Good
Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides 'Frost Proof'
Does not ship to: AZ
Growing Zones 7-10
This plant is recommended for zones: 7-10
(green area above)
It's Easy to Plant your Frost Proof Gardenia
Plant your Frost Proof Gardenias in an area that receives full to partial sunlight. Frost Proof Gardenias are shade tolerant and prefer afternoon shade to morning shade. Although Frost Proof Gardenias prefer acidic soil, they will adapt to your natural soil even if it's sandy or heavy in clay. For the best results make sure that the pH balance of your soil is between 5.5 to 6.5.

Keep the soil moist, but not soggy or over saturated. Frost Proof Gardenias need about an inch of water a week. Don't let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Make sure that your soil is well draining, and that your Gardenia's never sit in standing water. To help keep the moisture in apple a layer of mulch around the base of your Frost Proof Gardenia.

Fragrant blooms will emerge on your Frost Proof Gardenias early every Spring and may last until the fall, while the green leaves will last all year. Apply an acidic fertilizer every Spring to your Frost Proof Gardenia. If the leaves turn yellow your soil may be too alkaline. Add sulfur to your soil to lower the pH balance, and add lime to increase the pH balance.

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Growth Rate
This was the first zone 7 gardenia and I've had mine 6 years and its huge and bushy and no yellowing. The secret is coffee grounds 3 times during the growing season. Grounds also act as a natural mulch that is perfect for it.
December 31, 2012
This shrub maybe frostproof but it is NOT freeze proof. Mine lived in zone 7 for 5+ years, but this years temps killed it. Don't plant unless you are in zone 8 or abov
December 31, 2012
I live in zone 8 in Texas and planted this Gardenia last fall. It stayed green all winter and this spring begain producing many flowers. It is still looking very heallthy and look forward to the spring of 2013 to see how it blooms.
December 31, 2012
over 4 years ago
Recovered Frost Proof Gardenias
In the past 4 years I have bought 10 of these Frost Proof Gardenias. They all did great until the winter of 2014. We had very consistently, abnormally low temperatures. All leaves turned yellow then brown, and fell off. In April it looked like they all were dead. I left them alone and by mid May I started seeing green new growth mostly at the base of the plant.. I called Fast Growing Trees and was told the new growth was encouraging, and to cut them back. I did not get flowers this year but the gardenias are thriving. I am sure I will see Flowers again next year. I will be buying more.
September 9, 2014
Millersville, MD, US
Growing Zone:
This gardenia bloomed upon arrival. It's beautiful and smells yummy. I have been very satisfied with all my purchases from fast growing trees. I used to use another online nursery until I found this site. The plants are twice as big and much healthier when delivered.
December 31, 2012
So many blooms - I would just recommend not pruning it as I don't think mine appreciated it. I do use acid occasionally on it due to soil conditions.
December 31, 2012
Growth Rate
Amazing !
I live in Maryland. I have bought ten Frost Proof Gardenias in the last 4 or five years. They had done well until the winter of 2014. It was unusually cold for an extended period. The beginning of spring all leaves were brown. They fell off after a couple of weeks and they left bare branches looking like dead shrubs. Two weeks later I noticed new growth low in the middle of most. I called Fast Growing trees for suggestions. I was told to cut them back. They rebounded like nothing had happened. Although they did not flower this summer, I am looking forward to the many flowers with their fragrance they have had in the past, next summer.
October 22, 2014
Millersville, MD, US
Growing Zone:
Wow! I bought three shrubs from Fast-Growing Trees and they came in excellent, excellent shape! My Gardenia is just beautiful! I cannot wait to buy more shrubs and trees
December 31, 2012
over 3 years ago
Even through the harsh winter, they are all budding up and ready to bloom. Gardenias are my absolute favorite. Heavenly smell
December 31, 2012
This plant lives up to all the statements made about it. It is hardy and beautiful. Does not require pampering. Very good value!! I have bought a total of 3!
December 31, 2012
over 5 years ago
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Why did you choose this? Store
I love gardenias and the fact that this particular one is not affected by a late frost made it a no-brainer!
Crystal M on Oct 27, 2015
MAXINE D on Oct 9, 2015
I love gardenias and the fact that this particular one is not affected by a late frost made it a no-brainer!
Crystal M on Oct 27, 2015
Need a deer proof item---good price
margaret d on Oct 15, 2015
MAXINE D on Oct 9, 2015
testing if this product will survive in my garden
Grace p on Oct 8, 2015
Love Gardenias and since these are frost proof made it very appealing.
Mary P on Sep 23, 2015
I love gardenias!
Jennifer S on Aug 24, 2015
Need a deer proof item---good price
margaret d on Oct 15, 2015
testing if this product will survive in my garden
Grace p on Oct 8, 2015
why are my leaves turning yellow?
A shopper on Jun 10, 2014
BEST ANSWER: If you live where rainfall has been abundant or you are over watering can cause leaves to turn yellow.
OR the PH is wrong causing Chlorosis., a deficiency of iron, magnesium and nitrogen.
Zone 7 Long Island. Has anyone had any luck with these here? Concerned because of this past winter.
William K on Jun 9, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Rhode Island is really pushing the border for where Frost Proof Gardenias do well. I would recommend a cold hardier plant like the Iceberg Rose instead.
Hi! I am interested in buying a Frost Proof Gardenia. We live in the Bay Area where its dry most of the year (we are currently in a drought). Is it best to plant in full sun or partial sun? Also, we have black mulch around the perimeter of our yard...can the Frost Proof Gardenia be planted in the mulch? Thanks!!!
Aindrea B on Jul 9, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Full sun unless you're in a hot zone like I am than morning sun and afternoon shade is probably best. These are drought tolerant once established. Mulch is best as it will retain moisture and you shouldn't have to water as much.
Does not mention if it requires full sun, part sun or shade?
A shopper on Jun 9, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Likes full sun but will tolerate light shade
do you think it will do good in the bedroom?
A shopper on Oct 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: If you can place it in front of a sunny window it should do well.
How do you trim and shape this plant?
A shopper on Jun 18, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Frost Proof Gardenias require no pruning. To maintain shape, prune in late winter before new growth emerges. Cut with hand pruners, and not powered trimmers, to avoid scarring leaves.
How big or tall is the plant when it arrives?
Wing L on Feb 4, 2015
I' m in zone 6, Michigan. Does that mean it won't grow here?
Renee M on Jun 1, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I know very little about zone 6....except that you have extreme cold for sustained periods. I am in Oregon.... We get freezing temps off an on through the winter. We have the gardenia planted in a large patio container and generally bring the plant into our garage when forecasts indicate very cold temps with freezing rains. You may wish to do the same.... When the plant was very young we took it on vacation to the beach.... Nice and warm and we had been afraid if we left it home it might not get watered it was covered with blooms and we wanted to enjoy them. The best to you and I hope this is helpful. Peace. Barbara George
What is the root system like on this plant? can I plant it in a flower bed next to the house?
Suzanne E on Oct 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I did. . No problems. . But you want to give it room. It will grow 3 feet around and 3 feet tall. Then you will want to get around it by foot. So not rite on top of house.
Always consider the mature growth when you plant something close.
What is the best time of year to plant shrubs in zone 8?
A shopper on Oct 6, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I planted mine in May 2013 and it survived the winter without freezing and bloomed this spring again.. It looks very well and will probably bloom again next spring. I have really enjoyed it.
How tall does the plant grow?
A shopper on Sep 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I just got mine and it is gorgeous! I re-potted it to a new pot and it is about 2 1/2 feet tall and about 2 foot wide. I even had 5 flowers just starting to bloom when I got it!
It grows to be about 3-4 foot tall and about as wide at maturity.
We live in the San Joaquin valley. Fresno Ca. We face west and get direct sunlight all afternoon until sunset. 105-110 degrees. Can they perform in these conditions?
Ken J on Oct 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I think so. I live in Pearland, Texas just southeast of Houston. We have the frost proof gardenias an we have them in an area that gets direct sun from sunrise to sunset. They need to be generously watered for a couple of years. But once they take hold they prosper in intense sunlight and heat as well as temperatures into the twenties in the winter. they do well in drought conditions as well as in flood conditions. My neighbors comment on the beautiful aroma of these plants.
How fast does this grow?
Carol W on May 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Mine did not grow but it did not die with all the frost. Also first year I have few flowers, but from next year no growth and no bloom. But I have seen our neighbors, full luscious flowers filled. And the smell is amazing. I love hyacinth smell in Feb and gardenia smell in summer. I am success with hyacinth but not gardenia. May be I missed something how to grow gardenia or my soil or fertilizer or environment or sunlight is not correct.
Can they be planted now?
A shopper on Oct 13, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Where I live they can. I am in southeastern utah. They seem to do well planted now. I just planted 2 more. Where do you live?
will it grow in a container is usda desert zone 9?
A shopper on Oct 8, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I live in Zone 5 so I planted my gardenia in a container. Gardenia will survive in a Container in zone 9 or even zone 10.
just had my gardenias planted, they do not have any blooms. When will they bloom?
A shopper on Oct 1, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Sorry, I can't answer totally. Mine only bloom in the spring and early summer here in central FL
Do you plant gardenias in spring?
A shopper on Aug 13, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I did. I have found that steeped coffee grounds provide the necessary food for acid loving gardenias.
When does this shrub bloom?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: These are summer bloomers, but depending on your area they could start to bloom in late spring.
I'm in south-central Pennsylvania. Can I still plant this Frost Proof Gardenia, or should I wait until next spring? It will be located in full sun.
Irene F on Aug 15, 2015
After looking at a hardiness map for Pennsylvania, I don't think it will survive. This Gardenia is zoned 7-10 and most of your state looks colder than that. But if you live in a warm pocket, and want to plant, I would definitely wait until spring to do it. Happy Gardening
I live in Arlington Texas. will they thrive here?
Gina D on Aug 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The Frost Proof Gardenia will do well there.
can I grow this bush in WI?
Linda S on Jun 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: They grow well in zones 7-9. Here's a link that you can look up what growing zone your in
I live in zone 5, will they make it through cold winters?
Patti M on May 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I would not recommend it for a zone 5. There growing zones are 7-10.
How do you know what type of Gardenia plant you purchased if there is no label? Is there any distinctions between the several different types?
Paula S on Apr 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We have different pages for each gardenia and you can pick which one you would like.
What zones will this plant grow in we live in the NW corner of Arkansas on the border of 6 - 7?
Robbie K on Sep 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Frost Proof Gardenia is recommended for zones 7-10.
What size plant will I receive with the one gallon?
A shopper on Sep 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It will be about the size of a small basketball.
I live in northern Delaware (zone 7). Would it be appropriate to have the Frost Proof Gardenia in a pot so that it could be outside during the warmer months and then brought inside when it is cold? I had another gardenia for years that I did this way, but it always ended up looking terrible after spending the winter in the house. Should it be able to live inside?
Marcie B on Sep 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It can live inside, however, they do prefer to be outside and in the ground. In a zone 7 it should thrive outside.
Pastel on Sep 13, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the Frost Proof Gardenia is an evergreen
Zone 7 experience

Please gardener in Bethesda , Maryland or nearby , share and advise will it grow as a living fence .what happens to leaves during winter how long flowering lasts and when .
.shall I use plant twenty plants interspersed with crape myrtle as a living fences ? July 25' 2014
Noor A on Jul 25, 2014
BEST ANSWER: No answer yet
Is there a hardy gardenia that would grow in WV ?
Minimimof2 on May 25, 2015

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