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ESPOMA Tree-Tone®

Help Trees Stay Healthy and Retain Moisture

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Providing your trees with a high quality food is a sure fire way to keep them healthy, productive and
looking their best. Espoma Tree-Tone is an all-natural, organic plant food that is specially formulated to
feed fruit, shade and various ornamental trees. Tree-Tone works to help develop the entire tree structure
as it feeds the leaves, trunk and roots.

Espoma Tree-Tone is a long lasting, granular fertilizer made up of organic materials that break down
slowly, ensuring that your trees receive a steady supply of food over an entire season.

The slow-release delivery of Tree-Tone makes certain that only what your plants need is absorbed, so
there’s no danger of it burning your trees roots or foliage. Tree-Tone actually adds organic matter to the
soil, making it better for your trees.

The benefits of Espoma Tree-Tone will quickly be seen as the nutrients provide for lush foliage and thicker
roots that allow your tree to absorb moisture more easily. In these days of drought and minimal rainfall,
beefy roots will help your trees soak up every drop of water available.

There are no fillers, chemicals or inert ingredients in Tree-Tone.Since it is 100% organic, it is
environmentally safe and poses no threat to other plants, people or pets.

Espoma Tree-tone is easy to use and requires no preparation. It is recommended that you feed your trees
twice a year--once in the early spring before they begin to grow and later in the fall after the leaves have

For smaller trees you can simply sprinkle Espoma Tree-Tone around the root base, and it will do its magic
with no further work on your part. Larger trees are best fed by making several holes around the tree that
are 2-3 feet apart and are 12-18 inches deep. Just place the food in the holes, fill with soil and give the
tree a good watering. Easy!