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ESPOMA Rose-Tone®

Organic Slow-Release Feed for Roses

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Whether you are trying to grow award-winning roses or simply want to have a lovely rose garden at
home, Espoma Rose-Tone will help you achieve your goal for a healthy, long-blooming shrub.

Rose-Tone is a high quality rose food that provides important nutrients to promote healthy growth in
roses. Both professional and beginner gardeners find that the vitamins in Rose-Tone help their plants
produce an abundance of brilliantly colored blooms that last for a longer period of time.

Rose-tone is safe to use on newly planted roses as well as on established plants, and it is designed for use
on all varieties of roses. There isnít a single rose bush available that wonít benefit from Rose-Tone.

Espoma Rose-Tone is a ready-to-use granular fertilizer that requires zero mixing. The feed is super safe to
use and is guaranteed not to burn the delicate leaves and blooms of your beloved roses.

Rose-Tone improves the soil condition and allows for better moisture retention and more sufficient
aeration, which promotes better growth in your roses. The Rose-Tone blend is 100% organic and is long
lasting because it breaks down slowly and provides your flowers with a steady food supply over an entire

Most importantly, for those of you who wish to keep your gardens organic and free of all chemicals, Rose-
Tone contains no toxic or hazardous ingredients and is environmentally friendly. It poses no health threats
to plants, animals or humans.

Simply follow the directions on the 4 pound box we will send you, and youíll be on your way to roses
sporting bodacious blooms