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ESPOMA Plant-Tone®

Organic Plant Food for the Whole Garden

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Specially formulated to deliver dazzling results, Espoma Plant-Tone is a premium all-natural supplement 
for most all your plants, flowers and vegetables. Plant-Tone is an effective fertilizer for lawns as well. 

Plant-Tone’s organic formula contains Espoma’s own proprietary blend of essential microbes, prepared 
after evaluating the results from extensive tests conducted at leading research universities. 

The function of these microorganisms that are present in Plant-Tone is to digest the nutrients contained 
in the natural plant food, thus enabling the plants to absorb the fortifying proteins and minerals they 
need to be hale and hearty. 

Slow and steady wins the race. The nutrients in Plant-Tone break down gradually, which provides a 
dependable and long-lasting food basin that feeds your plants as they need it, throughout the growing 

For new plantings, develop the soil in advance, adding the directed amount of Plant-Tone’s blend. Once 
your shrubs are established, continue to feed as per each individual plant’s requirements. 

In almost no time at all, you’ll see a change in your plants’ appearance. Flowering plants will look 
healthier, with bigger and brighter blooms. Your lawn will be luxuriant and greener than ever before. 
Vegetable crops will be more bountiful, and your entire garden will come alive with exuberant gusto. 

When your garden dwellers need a nutritional boost, decide on an organic plant food that’s safe 
for both the plant and the environment. With natural supplements, plants receive organic matter 
containing bacteria, fungi and protozoa that help improve soil structure. Better soil means healthier 

At Fast Growing Trees we are selective about the products we sell, because we sincerely value your 
business. For that reason, we offer only the most premium quality plant food. When you want the best for your flora, you want Espoma Plant-Tone.