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ESPOMA Holly-Tone®

Ideal for Acid-Loving Trees and Shrubs

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Espoma Holly-Tone is a plant food that is specially formulated for acid-loving trees and shrubs such as Holly, Azaleas, Dogwood Trees and Rhododendrons. If your acidic friendly plants are lacking vibrancy or are not blooming as well as usual, use Espoma Holly- Tone twice per year in spring and autumn to perk them up and give them a boost of nutrients that they need. It will bring luster to leaves, bring on a bevy of flowers and thicken roots so that plants can absorb more moisture. Espoma Holly-Tone is a granular fertilizer that is a complete plant food solution that sports 15 essential vitamins your shrubs will need for strong growth. Holly-Tone is super easy to use and works by releasing valuable microbes that help improve the soil around your plant. It’s a great feed to use for most evergreens, too. If you’re worried about what you feed your landscape plants, then rest easy knowing that Espoma Holly-Tone is a blend of natural organics that provide for a complete and balanced feeding. It’s environmentally friendly and contains no synthetic, hazardous or toxic ingredients. It’s perfectly safe around pets and people. You get a long lasting 4 pound bag that works on a slow release system over time. This ensures that plants will only get exactly what they need at the right time, and you won’t experience plant burn. This simple twice a year feeding schedule means that your plants will have all the nutrients they need for an entire season.